Karli Rutherford

Age: 24
Height: 5'7 - 170cm
Weight : 52kg
Bust : 32C natural
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Los Angeles
Hair Color : Honey-Brunette
Build : Slim

KarliĀ is a very pretty commercial model, based out of LA. If you find the surname familiar, that's because she's Kelli's sister! When she is at home in California, or on vacation somewhere fun, she's available for discreet rendezvous and social events as your lovely companion. Poised and elegant, she is also very feminine and friendly. Meeting new people and being seen is always on the agenda, as she travels around having the time of her young life.
Be careful, she may steal your heart with her very playful ways. Her favorite locations include New York and Miami. With an exotic American-born heritage, Karli is signed with some very big model agencies coast to coast, and is a delight to get to know. She prefers spicy foods, and she loves Chanel.
Always perfectly presented and efficiently scheduled, this is one sweetheart you will crave more of. Contact us now to check this model's schedule and book some time with her.
This is a 5 star gallery model - see her fees here, please read down the 5 star column in her local currency.