Michelle Eugene

Age: 23
Height: 5'8 - 172cm
Weight : 54kg
Bust : 32C soft enhanced
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: New York and Los Angeles
Hair Color : Blonde
Build : Slim, busty

Top commercial model Michelle is incredibly talented, and lots of fun. Her flawless complexion and big blue eyes are the first thing you'll notice about her. Then her stunning physique and beautiful smile; she's drop-dead gorgeous!  She lives in between NY and Los Angeles, running between the East and West coast for her modeling career. Always cheerful and friendly, this New York escort and LA commercial model's lighthearted approach to life is refreshing.
With a live-and-let-live philosophy, she loves animals, swimming, and the outdoors. She always sees the good in people and situations. And she's educated and intelligent, without being pretentious or haughty. Continuing her studies in addition to her modeling, she is eager to achieve her life's potential. Just the pesky dollar is always in demand. So if you feel like contributing to a good cause, Michelle will be very grateful to receive so she can invest in her goals further! Exactly what we need - another successful, self-accomplished businesswoman.  
Young Michelle eats carefully, and likes all types of food, within her choice and mood. Her favorite designer is Hermes, and she loves Bvlgari jewelry. Contact us tonight to inquire after the schedule of this sweetheart escort, or to book a 'donation' in exchange for her delightful company.
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