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4 Ways to Make a Woman Take Notice of You

4 ways to make a woman notice yoy
So it’s the first time you’ve ever booked a GFE (girlfriend experience) dinner date, and you want to make sure that you are not only give off a great first impression, you make a LASTING one.

You’ve booked time with an elite traveling companion, so you want to make sure that this woman will notice you, whether it’s just for dinner, or on vacation for the weekend.

What you have to remember is that international high-end escorts are like any woman – she knows hundreds of men from childhood till now, and being able to stand out as a gentleman during these encounters will make sure that you make an impression when you go on a date.

If you’re able to make a sophisticated woman take notice of you, you’ll be well-prepared to capture any woman’s attention during a dinner date or on holidays. She’ll be waiting to meet you again!

Dating discreet courtesan is actually a great way to hone your game, because you’ll get real-life feedback from a classy, beautiful woman – but you won’t feel the pressure that one would normally feel if it were a real date, because there are no strings or expectations with a hired companion.

Here are four ways that you can use to make a woman take notice of you:


1. Be Presentable

be presentable

Humans are very visual creatures, and first impressions DO last. The moment that your elite travel companion sets her eyes on you, she will be assessing your person, and her first impressions will all come from how you present yourself. Looks are not so important, but grooming definitely is.

How you present yourself will be seen on two levels. First, the way that you dress, and how you carry yourself. Second, your personal hygiene.

How you dress will depend on your grooming and how meticulous you are when it comes to your clothing and choice of quality. You should pick clothes that are suitable for the occasion.

A nice suit, good leather shoes, and all the right accessories to match. Choose colors that go well with your skin tone, and colors that complement each other.

Choose clothes that fit you well, and clothes that are properly laundered and pressed. You’d be amazed at how much better you would look, given the right outfit. Details matter!

However, the right outfit won’t go far if you don’t pay attention to your personal hygiene. Far beyond taking a shower and putting on deodorant and cologne, personal grooming also involves making sure that you have a clean haircut, and clean, trimmed nails.

Make sure to book an appointment with your local barber or spa before going on your GFE dinner date. As you can imagine, the model has gone to similar great efforts to be groomed and flawless for you.

2. Have a Sense of Humor

have a good sense of humor to attract women

Not everyone is blessed with good lucks, but having a sense of humor can more than make up for it. In fact a sense of humor is the highest rated attribute among women, when describing the perfect man. Just like great music, a sense of humor involves intuition, experience, and having a good sense of timing.

Discreet courtesans and companions love dating men who have a sense of humor, because humor can often be a great ice breaker, and removes any long lapses of uncomfortable silence, which she is often under obligation to fill.

Being able to make a woman laugh can get her to let down her defenses that much more quickly, and they will remember you as someone who is fun to be around.

This relaxation allows her to let more of her uninhibited personality come out, which is better for you and the whole situation.

3. Find Common and Uncommon Ground Between You

Common and Uncommon Ground Between You

Finding common ground is a great way to make connections, especially if it’s your first time to have a GFE dinner date. When you and your elite travel companion can find common ground, you can share stories, and get to know each other on a more intimate level.

This makes the whole experience that much more engaging and realistic. Once you find common ground, this is a great time to let her know your personal interests, like hobbies, goals, and your own “bucket list”.

This “uncommon” ground is where you let yourself shine as a person. It also stimulates curiosity, and encourages more interesting conversation. You might even both like to try new experiences together, based on each other’s different interests.

4. Be Sincere and Genuine

Be Sincere and Genuine

Of all the ways to make a woman notice you, this is the most important. Being sincere and genuine during a GFE date is something that you just can’t fake; faking it will be obvious from the start, especially if you’re trying to find a way to impress your date.

Just because it’s a ‘girlfriend experience’ doesn’t mean she’s not interested in authentically connecting with you. Women love real men, and a little vulnerability will melt her. Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not.

Don’t try to come off as a high-roller, or a big player in your company, because it just reeks of desperation and being needy, and nothing turns off an international high-end escort more than pretending to be someone worldly and experienced.

She spends time with that kind of man as a standard, and men of a high end quality don’t boast about it, as for them it’s just everyday life. If you aren’t at that level, don’t pretend to be, when you haven’t even travelled away from our own home town.

She will easily know the difference, and won’t be impressed. She already assumes you’re successful. Talking about it makes you look insecure.

Keep in mind that you’re not the first person she’s met as a companion, and chances are, she regularly attends GFE dinner dates with wealthy and accomplished people.

Trying to pass yourself off as someone above your own social status will be obvious from the start, and will most likely end your GFE with an uncomfortable atmosphere and an awkward goodbye.

Done right, GFE dates are exciting, fun, and memorable, so just make sure that you show up as the best version of yourself, make mutual comfort between yourself and your date your end goal, and you’ll have a sparkling girlfriend experience dinner date to remember!