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5 Amazing and Unique Gifts for Your Elite Companion

Christmas is right around the corner, and you may want to score some points with your elite companion. Of course there’s no obligation, but why not make an impression?

Most men give gifts to their companions, and it not only endears him to her, so she looks forward to their visits even more, but also ensures she is put into a mindset and mood that guarantees a superb connection, throughout the entire time they’re together.

If you want to surprise her with a beautiful gift this holiday season, here are some great ideas to surprise that special lady:

1. Charbonnel & Walker sea salt caramel truffles

Christmas is the time for delicious and decadent treats, and if your elite companion has a sweet tooth, you should consider an amazing box of truffles from Charbonnel & Walker.

The high-end chocolatier presents their delicious truffles in a unique decorative tin, perfect for the holidays. While there are some women who prefer savory, most women enjoy a little sweetie now and then – sweets for the sweet!She may well be very health conscious and not normally eat such things, but she could have a little nibble. A little won’t hurt, and she can ration it out throughout the months, thinking of you each time she has a bite.

2. Marc Deco Scarf by Marc Jacobs

One of the most important things to have around during the cold winter weather is a comfortable and warm scarf, but that doesn’t mean that you would need to sacrifice style and fashion.

Give your ladies both a warm and stylish accessory with the Deco Scarf from Marc Jacobs, which comes with a 50-50 blend of cashmere and silk. You could find out her favorite color ahead of time from the agency, and surprise her with a gift you know she’ll definitely wear!

Nobody wants to give a gift that will be discarded, but this wonderful choice will be worn with gratitude each time – and again, she’ll think of you every time she wears it : )


3. Bespoke Shoes from Nicholas Kirkwood

Having a pair of shoes crafted especially for you is a magical and memorable experience, and if you want to give your elite companion a pair of shoes that will melt her heart, give her the bespoke experience from Nicholas Kirkwood.

She will meet with the designer himself, and he will create a one-of-a-kind pair of footwear that will definitely show off her style.

This is a gift that you could provide her with during a shopping trip on your next booking together, or as a voucher with which she could book and attend in her own time.

This is a very special and lovely choice of gift for the premium companion who has become truly special to you.


4. Knitted Gloves by Maison Fabre

Another amazing accompaniment to your elite companion’s wardrobe, by itself or in conjunction with one of the above – A pair of Maison Fabre Knitted Gloves will keep her lovely feminine hands warm and comfortable.

They are made from a luxurious blend of wool and lambskin, making them stylish and cozy at the same time. Giving her quality lets her know she is important to you, and that you appreciate her time, outside of her fee.

It is a special thank you and show of appreciation that she will deeply appreciate in return. A grateful woman is a very generous one.

5. Grained Leather Pouch from Victoria Beckham

These days (2017-2018), Posh Spice is known for her luxurious and unique fashion accessories, and one of her most popular items this season is the grained leather pouch.

It comes in an eye-catching orange hue, along with a unique design. It’s a great gift for your elite companion, if she loves to collect unique and interesting bags.

A girl can never have too many handbags, and rather than going for the traditional Hermes, Chanel or Dior, try something like this to show her you really went looking for the perfect style for her. Winning!