4 Ways to Make a Woman Take Notice of You

4 ways to make a woman notice yoy
So it’s the first time you’ve ever booked a GFE (girlfriend experience) dinner date, and you want to make sure that you are not only give off a great first impression, you make a LASTING one.

You’ve booked time with an elite traveling companion, so you want to make sure that this woman will notice you, whether it’s just for dinner, or on vacation for the weekend.

What you have to remember is that international high-end escorts are like any woman – she knows hundreds of men from childhood till now, and being able to stand out as a gentleman during these encounters will make sure that you make an impression when you go on a date.

If you’re able to make a sophisticated woman take notice of you, you’ll be well-prepared to capture any woman’s attention during a dinner date or on holidays. She’ll be waiting to meet you again!

Dating discreet courtesan is actually a great way to hone your game, because you’ll get real-life feedback from a classy, beautiful woman – but you won’t feel the pressure that one would normally feel if it were a real date, because there are no strings or expectations with a hired companion.

Here are four ways that you can use to make a woman take notice of you:


1. Be Presentable

be presentable

Humans are very visual creatures, and first impressions DO last. The moment that your elite travel companion sets her eyes on you, she will be assessing your person, and her first impressions will all come from how you present yourself. Looks are not so important, but grooming definitely is.

How you present yourself will be seen on two levels. First, the way that you dress, and how you carry yourself. Second, your personal hygiene.

How you dress will depend on your grooming and how meticulous you are when it comes to your clothing and choice of quality. You should pick clothes that are suitable for the occasion.

A nice suit, good leather shoes, and all the right accessories to match. Choose colors that go well with your skin tone, and colors that complement each other.

Choose clothes that fit you well, and clothes that are properly laundered and pressed. You’d be amazed at how much better you would look, given the right outfit. Details matter!

However, the right outfit won’t go far if you don’t pay attention to your personal hygiene. Far beyond taking a shower and putting on deodorant and cologne, personal grooming also involves making sure that you have a clean haircut, and clean, trimmed nails.

Make sure to book an appointment with your local barber or spa before going on your GFE dinner date. As you can imagine, the model has gone to similar great efforts to be groomed and flawless for you.

2. Have a Sense of Humor

have a good sense of humor to attract women

Not everyone is blessed with good lucks, but having a sense of humor can more than make up for it. In fact a sense of humor is the highest rated attribute among women, when describing the perfect man. Just like great music, a sense of humor involves intuition, experience, and having a good sense of timing.

Discreet courtesans and companions love dating men who have a sense of humor, because humor can often be a great ice breaker, and removes any long lapses of uncomfortable silence, which she is often under obligation to fill.

Being able to make a woman laugh can get her to let down her defenses that much more quickly, and they will remember you as someone who is fun to be around.

This relaxation allows her to let more of her uninhibited personality come out, which is better for you and the whole situation.

3. Find Common and Uncommon Ground Between You

Common and Uncommon Ground Between You

Finding common ground is a great way to make connections, especially if it’s your first time to have a GFE dinner date. When you and your elite travel companion can find common ground, you can share stories, and get to know each other on a more intimate level.

This makes the whole experience that much more engaging and realistic. Once you find common ground, this is a great time to let her know your personal interests, like hobbies, goals, and your own “bucket list”.

This “uncommon” ground is where you let yourself shine as a person. It also stimulates curiosity, and encourages more interesting conversation. You might even both like to try new experiences together, based on each other’s different interests.

4. Be Sincere and Genuine

Be Sincere and Genuine

Of all the ways to make a woman notice you, this is the most important. Being sincere and genuine during a GFE date is something that you just can’t fake; faking it will be obvious from the start, especially if you’re trying to find a way to impress your date.

Just because it’s a ‘girlfriend experience’ doesn’t mean she’s not interested in authentically connecting with you. Women love real men, and a little vulnerability will melt her. Don’t pretend to be something that you’re not.

Don’t try to come off as a high-roller, or a big player in your company, because it just reeks of desperation and being needy, and nothing turns off an international high-end escort more than pretending to be someone worldly and experienced.

She spends time with that kind of man as a standard, and men of a high end quality don’t boast about it, as for them it’s just everyday life. If you aren’t at that level, don’t pretend to be, when you haven’t even travelled away from our own home town.

She will easily know the difference, and won’t be impressed. She already assumes you’re successful. Talking about it makes you look insecure.

Keep in mind that you’re not the first person she’s met as a companion, and chances are, she regularly attends GFE dinner dates with wealthy and accomplished people.

Trying to pass yourself off as someone above your own social status will be obvious from the start, and will most likely end your GFE with an uncomfortable atmosphere and an awkward goodbye.

Done right, GFE dates are exciting, fun, and memorable, so just make sure that you show up as the best version of yourself, make mutual comfort between yourself and your date your end goal, and you’ll have a sparkling girlfriend experience dinner date to remember!

The Value of Human Contact


The value of human contact

There is an old adage that says no man is an island. It cannot be denied because in truth, man has always been seen as a part of a family, a group, and a community.

We have an innate need o connect with others of our species, all things being healthy and normal.  The human by nature is a social being. Because of that, there is this need within each individual to be with one another.

We see this in the fact that, unlike most other creatures, we seek out a suitable partner; leave our initial family to build one for ourselves.

We are still seeking connection in that point, seeking to overlap/ add to our social support and longevity of connections.

More than just the need for companionship as reflected in our need to be part of a family and a community, is man’s need for physical touch.

Affection or simply affirmation of another’s presence, seems to have a stark affect on our psyche and health.

This is what truly makes us different from all other creatures. Human contact plays a very significant role in our ability to communicate with one another.

On the other hand, it puts us straight back to mammal status, in that we don’t need verbal communication when physical contact/ body language is clear.

Touch is essential to how we think, feel, communicate, and bond. Children bond with mothers and caregivers through touch. Lovers bond with each other through touch.

Whenever we are at either a low or high emotional state, we tend to seek contact from another person. Healthy/ kind physical touch has the power to calm and heal.

This can come as a pat on the back or a hug that could be either a congratulatory or an act of comfort depending on the situation.

Having a massage with a qualified therapist can bring great physical relaxation and psychological fulfillment to a person, who is not receiving enough physical affirmation. Touch has a magical transforming effect.

Even our way of greeting one another also involves touching. This can be in the form of a handshake or a kiss. People touch each other’s arm when trying to extend meaning or kindness in their conversation, or to create a closer connection to be heard and understood.

Human contact fills an innate, ingrained need in every individual. It’s biological, our survival. In fact even according to scientific research, a touch can have profound effect on our physical and emotional well-being.


Eliminates Stress

A simple hug, as well as a tap on the back, can greatly help in lowering down stress as well as help in building trust and security. This is why these two gestures are often times the most effective when we are trying to console someone.

There have been studies to suggest a human needs a lot of human touch, like 17 hugs a day, to feel emotionally and psychologically fulfilled, balanced and loved.

More than just the emotional benefits, a hug can also result to lower heart rate among women. Our need for assurance and protection is often the catalyst that leads us to become involved in a relationship.

(Hence the male’s responsibility to be honest with her if he has no intention of protecting her or building some security with her…)

It can also stimulate the thymus gland to balance the production of white blood cells therefore leading to keeping one healthy and disease-free. There’s no question about it, healthy physical touch is essential to our balanced health and well being.


Promotes Balanced Development

We have all experienced the soothing effect of a hug and the comfort we get from a simple pat on the back. However, what we may never realize is that a gentle massage can help newborn infants gain weight faster as well as aid in the proper development of mental and motor skills.

When an innocent child reacts with such positive effects, then we know this is something we need to pay attention to. This is real evidence, without bias or pretense, that physical touch as essential to maximizing our human experience.

Finally, touching serves as the most basic way for parents to bond and communicate with their children. Truly, companionship and human contact are very significant part of our very existence.

This is why it is always best to set out on a vacation with a travel companion who can show you genuine care. Just someone to hold hands with while walking on the beach, or to hug at the end of a lovely dinner, or to dance with on a romantic evening, will enhance not only the trip itself, but your very health! This alone can have very significant effect on the success of your getaway.

The quality of the touch is important, however. Random robotic touch has some benefit; touch is touch. However it won’t be as effective as the touch from one who has meaning and care behind it.

We’ve all has massages that were mechanical and relatively useless, and massages where the therapist was mentally present and connected. The energy of a person can be transferred to another.

It’s common knowledge that we absorb the energy of those we spend the most time around. We absorb it in every day life also, to a lesser degree. Positive, supportive and genuine energy in conjunction with touch will be far more beneficial than robotic touch.

Therefore the quality of your companion matters also. Book someone of high quality, who will genuinely connect with you. A girl who meets hundreds of men every month will not be fresh or see you as a person with whom to connect.

A high quality companion or courtesan escort who meets less people, for deeper connections, will be engaged with you, connect with you, and be able to transmit pure positive vibes and loving energy, in order to make her touch highly beneficial to you.

Invest in quality for yourself, not the equivalent of fast food. One gives to you, on takes from you. Be smart.


How to Treat Your Model Elite Escort


How to treat your date

Traveling to some lovely or interesting location, either for a vacation or a business event, can be lonesome without some company. Which is why it is extremely enjoyable to have a discreet and elite escort model as a travel companion. Don’t confuse these women with common call girls. These are educated, beautiful women, just like your colleagues, female friends and ex-lovers. She just makes herself available for companionship occasionally. She’s certainly not meeting hundreds of men by the hour, like a lower quality callgirl.

Without doubt, booking the company of a model girlfriend service can be more beneficial than having to spend the entire time on your own. Why would anyone want to come back to an empty hotel room, or eat alone? Who wants to explore a city without someone to share all those amazing sights and funny moments? Having a travel buddy enhances every part of your trip, from breakfast til sleep time. And you’ll be building memories that will last you for the rest of your life.

Imagine having a gorgeous lady who’s smart and witty to share your dinner. That alone is more than enough reason to book her services. She’s not like asking a friend to come with. While she is indeed her own woman, she knows she’s there to enjoy time with you, so she is always cheerful and friendly, assuming you treat her with respect.
A lower quality lady might be moody or aloof, but a high end model will be always polite and eager to make your time together magical. Can you even compare magical to boring?

However, not all those who book the services of elite female escorts get to enjoy to the fullest. And most of the time, situations such as this can’t always be blamed on the woman. Most escorts, even lower quality ones, really do genuinely want you to enjoy your time. They want you to return, so of course they will do their best to be pleasant and do things to make you happy.

The majority of the time, when things go awry, it is the gentleman who is ultimately at fault. As they say, “it takes two”. Whether casual or professional, women are sensitive to their surroundings and responsible to the energies they absorb. Just because you’re paying for her time, doesn’t mean she isn’t human. If you are inconsiderate, disrespectful, giving orders or being rough, being selfish or cheap etc, she will of course be turned off, and may well even leave. You have to be a gentleman, as you would with any woman.

If you want to really have the best time with a companion model (or any woman!), the most important thing you need is to learn is to respect her. She should have respect for you also, as a fellow human in need of attention.
It goes both ways. Rather than trying to both take from each other, the ideal is for you both to give to each other. This way yo both receive by default, AND you get the pleasant feeling of having given to someone. If you haven’t felt the pleasure of giving, you are way behind in the morality and societal responsibility stakes!


Here are some simple things you need to remember when dealing with a high class escort companion:


Be a Professional

While she may be fresh and exclusive, an occasional escort for selected gentlemen, you are still dealing with a companion who will conduct herself professionally. There will be a certain level of respect between the two of you,
as business people. Your connection is based on the agreement of business, and as beautiful as it may be, it will end, until the next time you book her. Enjoy the fantasy; she genuinely likes you otherwise she wouldn’t stay.
But don’t pry into her personal life, or imagine a future together.

The least you can do is be professional yourself. This means that you honor the things stipulated in your agreement, including respecting her personal space. The agency will manage all the arrangements, all you need to do is be a gentleman.

Discretion is important to everyone. Don’t try to negotiate the agreed price, or try to meet her on the side and think you will be able to pay less. It’s a transaction for a professional service, like any other professional service. You wouldn’t try to negotiate with the dentist or your lawyer to lower his professional fee, would you? Each model sets the fee she requests for her time. That’s her fee, and what she believes she is worth. To question this is extremely rude. Imagine your boss asked you to take a pay cut for your time? Or your clients started arguing about how much you charge them. By all means you can mention to the agency that the fee is out of your budget, and see if they will offer a little drop in their small commission. But if you can’t afford a lady’s fee, move to a lower level.

Please be at the agreed rendezvous location on time or better yet, a few minutes earlier. Having a lady wait for you is never an ideal situation. There may be occasions when something comes up and you may be running a few minutes late, which is fine. And of course none of us can do anything about traffic or flight delays. But leaving her waiting in a cafe for hours is not great for her comfort or mood. If you feel you may be late, it’s a nice idea to get her her own room. She can check in, relax, freshen herself, and meet you once you’ve done the same. You can book the room yourself or send extra funds for the room, and the agency to book it for you.

Major delays are fine provided you call ahead of time to inform that you’re going to be running late. Keep in mind though, that the model escort may already have her flight or transport booked. If she needs to change things, you will need to compensate her for any lost expenses due to our change of timing. Remember that you do not own her, and she may have some place to be the next day, so don’t keep her waiting after her time is due. Be considerate.


Be Polite

The key to a successful and fulfilling date with any woman, including an elite GFE escort is to be a complete gentleman. This is common sense, and must be something you maintain from the moment you contact the agency to book a model’s time, to the point where the experience ends. It costs nothing to be polite, patient and kind. You can very easily get your point across and set boundaries without being a jerk.

Remember that your gorgeous dinner date or travel companion is no different from any other of your lady friends. Therefore, you should treat her as you would an invited female guest, colleague or stranger. Be sure to dress appropriately when going out with your date, too. Don’t embarrass her with inappropriate clothing, as she would not do to you. You should look good together, not mismatched. It would be obvious to others, and the models may feel uncomfortable.

Very Important: Make a point of being showered and clean. Be well groomed for your date, as she will be for you. THis cannot be said enough. You will never encourage her to be close to you, if you are in any way unclean. Whether with BO, un-brushed teeth/ bad breath, stinky socks, whatever. Keep yourself immaculately clean. Never ever allow yourself to become intoxicated. Your companion is in your protection during your date, and you are not in a position to protect her if you are drunk. She may also feel quite frightened, and want to leave, as this is not an environment to which she is accustomed.

On your date, be sure to have the restaurant booked and arranged ahead of time. Picking her up from a local destination or from the airport in a chauffeured hire car is a very polite gesture if you can arrange it. At least be clear with instructions/ directions on where you will meet. Behave like the gentleman that you are, and give her the attention she deserves.


Be Discreet

Discretion is one of the most important reasons for gentlemen who opt to book the services of quality escorts and high end travel companions. It is also a major concern for the models themselves. Again, we’re not dealing with vall girls or brothel girls who don’t care about their reputation. These are high quality ladies from good families, with education and careers. They want as much privacy as you do, if not more.

While you may be thinking that you deserve the discretion that the agency provides, you must also consider that she too deserves to accommodate a clientele which is discreet about the whole arrangement. The ‘kiss-and-tell’ type is not really considered a desirable or premium gentleman. When spending time together, don’t discuss her position loudly, or refer to her as anything derogatory. THis is common sense, when behaving as a gentleman. Anything less is unacceptable and she may leave.

Refer to her as your friend or girlfriend or companion. Make any calls to the agency in private, to avoid the possibility of people overhearing you conversation. Respect her privacy as much as your own. She is a real woman, a person, with feelings, hopes and dreams, just like you.

Booking the company of an elite model escort allows you to experience the ultimate GF experience (GFE) without the hassles and complications of an actual relationship. She is giving all the benefits of a relationship, without the security. So show her consideration and appreciation for that.

To enjoy wonderful conversations and romantic dinner dates, without the obligation of staying in touch or calling regularly to maintain a relationship – unless you want to! – contact us today.

These ladies invest a lot into themselves to be wonderful for you on every level, and they put a lot of effort into making you happy. Respect your companion as you would do in any woman. She deserves that. And your rewards will be far greater.


Why Beautiful Women Decide to Become a Female Escorts

Elite female escorts

It is ironic that despite all the advancement humanity has achieved, from technology to just about anything, elite escort service remains a taboo in society.

Just try to ask any man if he has, at some point in his life, ever booked the services of an elite companion and you will most often get a straight “no” answer, even if he has.

The whole professional female escort and elite companionship topic just seem socially unacceptable in some circles. And yet it is a thriving and exciting world, somehow another dimension of society.

Escort agencies proliferate all over the world. The prevalence of escort service is not just a thriving business but a booming industry.

Why is that? To answer this question, it would be prudent to consider why men opt for such services, and why gorgeous women are not only willing, but happy to provide them.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why women get involved in this industry. There are so many reasons why a woman ventures into becoming an elite escort.

Women enter the profession for a myriad of different reasons. For years people have speculated, (with an extent of accuracy when it comes to lower-end establishments), that women who go into such work came from a very difficult life; either with a broken family or a violent upbringing.

While this is true for some unfortunate individuals, it’s certainly not the case for everyone. You see, becoming an escort entails a thorough decision making process where the woman has to think through a lot of things.

Perhaps the one of the most significant reasons why a beautiful woman would choose to become a high class escort is income.

No matter how you view it, being an escort is a job like any other (albeit more luxurious and enjoyable!) It’s a source for earning a living – and a very effective one at that. This business can be quite lucrative for a particularly well bred and beautiful woman.

In fact, a high-end escort model can earn as much as $1000 in an hour or more.  To be considered for the higher end of the industry, most of these women are beautiful, educated, and goal-oriented.

They’re either looking to be financially independent, saving for a property or to open a company – or simply paying off some debt.

Being an escort allows them to earn money and thus results in their freedom. This freedom allows them to pursue their dreams and other life endeavors.

While the gentlemen who utilize escort services enjoy a one-of-a-kind girlfriend experience, these beautiful ladies are also enjoying the experience.

A 23-year old escort model once said that the whole dating experience in the context of the profession is something she can rarely find in the dating scene of her age bracket.

Most ladies her age were finding it difficult to meet successful, respectable men, whereas she got to enjoy the company of a refined gentleman who would treat her with respect.

Moreover, she enjoys many other perks such as traveling to interesting places, fine dining in exclusive restaurants and staying in the world’s most beautiful and luxurious hotels. Truly, the lifestyle this profession brings is one of a kind.

Another reason many women enter the companion industry is for pure indulgent enjoyment. They truly love people, and enjoy meeting new people. These types of ladies find a great deal of personal pleasure from bringing sunshine into peoples’ lives.

So while she may be accepting payment for her time, she is doing what she loves, like any other person who is doing what they love.


These women tend to be either big-hearted, compassionate types, or those focused solely on greed and income. Try to avoid the latter, and enjoy a thoroughly wonderful date with a genuine, feminine and caring sophisticated this weekend.


Dating Misconceptions You Should Avoid

Dating misconceptions you should avoid

Different people get into the dating game for different reasons. Some are in the game just to socialize, meet other people, and have fun. Others are dating for personal development, while others are looking for a romantic partner.

Whatever the reason may be, no one can deny the fact that dating is an essential part of our existence and that it meets, to a certain degree, some of our needs especially the need to avoid loneliness.

As essential as it is, you do not always get to enjoy the benefits of dating to the fullest. This is because, in most cases, you go into a date carrying your own misconceptions about the whole dating game. These misconceptions greatly hinder you from making the best out of the whole experience.

Here are some misconceptions about dating that you should avoid:

Finding a lifetime partner is the sole purpose for dating

A lot of people experience failure in their dating life because of this misconception. Every time they go out to meet someone, marriage is already playing in their minds.

Will she be perfect for me as a lifetime partner? As a result, they fail to enjoy the other aspects of dating which is an avenue to meet someone who could potentially be a friend.

While it is true that dating is essential in courtship and marriage, these are not the only purpose for dating. There are so many people who have dated before and ended up being very good friends.

The problem with looking at your date only as a potential lifetime partner is that if she falls short to your perceived standards, you will also fail to see that she is an amazing person with whom you can build a good friendship with.


Your partner must think you are attractive

Yes, it is true that no one would ever go out on a date without making sure he or she is attractive enough. However, dating is not about making sure your partner would be attracted to you.

More than anything else, dating is about meeting someone with whom you can be comfortable with to spend and enjoy a huge amount of time.

This ‘being comfortable’ with each other can lead to many things. You can build a great friendship with the other person or you can even end up being a romantic couple.

The bottom-line is that dating is more than just looking good, it is also about seeing if the other person can be someone you can build a relationship with.


First dates are perfect to determine if both of you are a perfect couple

It is never a bad thing to look at dating as a way to meet your future wife, or husband. In fact, that is one of the most common reasons people go out for a date. However, you should never consider the first date as a determining factor if you are perfect for each other.

If anything else, first dates are merely a trial to see if a second date is workable. Remember that a person is a complex being and that there is no way for you to get to know him or her fully within an hour or two of being together.

Dating is an excellent avenue to meet and get to know people. In order for you to maximize its benefits, it is always a good idea to have the right mindset before indulging into the dating game.


Boost Your Dating Life this New Year

How to boost your dating life

Everyone has his own experiences unique from everyone else. This is very true especially with the dating game. While so many people are enjoying their dating life, there are also many who are not as satisfied as they hoped to be.

Whether or not you are among these not-so fortunate, it would still be a great idea to spice up your dating game. A few tweaking in your approaches, as well as mind set with regards to the dating game, can add life to your whole dating experience.

Here are some New Year’s dating resolutions you can consider applying in your game:


Set your goals

It is said that if you will aim at nothing, you will surely hit it. This is true in almost everything we do including dating.

Most people simply go through the motion of going out and meeting people without even thinking about what they really want out of their whole dating life.

This year, it would really be best to take a serious look at the ‘why’ of your dating life. Why do you go on a date? Are you looking for a lifetime partner or simply just out to meet people and make friends.

Also, it would be best to set goals that are attainable. Have you been failing in your dating life because you are so adamant to find your lifetime partner? If so, why not try to look for someone you can be comfortable with.

Someone you can be friends with; and then try to see if a romantic relationship is possible along the way. This would release some of the pressures you put on yourself and ultimately help you find the right person.


Broaden your horizons

If you think about it, dating is very much similar to hunting a job. When you look for a job, you make sure to use every avenue available for you to find the right job.

You go through the job-posting sites at the internet, newspapers, and even talk to old friends who may know some job openings.

If you have a goal to finally meet the right one for you, then it would be a good idea to check out dating avenues other than the usual bar meetups.

You can try creating an account on online dating sites, try speed dating, and even have some of your friends introduce you to someone. On top of all that, never limit yourself.

Try dating two or three ladies, this would really give you a bigger chance to find the one you can be comfortable with.



It is true that the whole dating can be demanding and entails a lot of planning, diversifying, and of course pressure, both from yourself and others.

However, if you really look at it, dating is simply a mean to meet and know people and the best way to go through that is to really enjoy and have fun.

This is important because as you go through the dating game you will encounter amazing dates and also those that are not so good ones.

If you are enjoying the whole dating game with its ups and downs, you can easily look at each experience and learn from each.

There are so many other things you can add to spice up your dating life. However, these three are already a good start and would sure to see you through! Plan, broaden, enjoy!


How to be an Escort’s Favorite Client


Elite escort model
No matter how taboo it is in our society today, escort service is a thriving business. Successful businessmen, famous celebrities, and even esteemed politicians avail of this service. The reason why it is such a booming business is that these elite escort agencies always deliver on their promises. They are really living up to being an elite service provider. The ladies are not only gorgeous but they are educated and well mannered. As such, they are able to handle themselves well no matter what affair their clients take them to. It could be an important business date with a client or a short weekend vacation.

If you are planning on booking the services of an elite escort model, it is only natural that you can be apprehensive. After all, she has been around so many men that it would seem impossible for you to impress her. The truth is, being impressive in her eyes can be done without having to showoff how much money you have.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you can be a favorite client:


Treat her like an equal

Most men would date an elite lady escort and never fail to make her feel that that is all she can be. It can be degrading. The least you can do is to respect her and treat her as you would any other woman you come in contact with. That includes your mother, sister, and friends. Perhaps the best way to get around this is to remember that first and foremost she is an individual.

Being able to do this requires maturity. If you are looking to make a good impression from your escort model, then treat her and your appointment as you would an actual date. While most people client would look lowly at her, your treatment of her will surely be noticed and appreciated.


Always be presentable and professional

Most men would not care much about how his escort would feel. This is why a lot of supposed dates would fail because the escort walked out. When you are meeting her be sure to be clean. Take a shower and have a shave before the meetup. These simple gestures show what kind of person you are.

Most escort agencies have rules laid out for you. Be sure to follow them to the letter. This will make sure that both parties are protected. A great client knows to understand and respect these rules. This includes timely payment of the fees as per agreed.


Always respect her time

Lastly, you have to understand that you are paying for her time. Therefore you have to respect that. A lot of clients fail to see this and they think they can just extend the agreed time because they paid. It does not work that way. It does not mean, though that you cannot ask for an extension. Perhaps if both of you are having a good time you can just ask her and then run it through with the agency.

Becoming a favorite client both of the agency and the escort herself need not be very complicated. It all boils down to respecting her.


Excellent First Date Gift Ideas


Dating gift ideas
A first date is designed to allow both you and your partner to get to know each other and see if there is a chance for you to build friendship or even a romantic relationship with each other. It is a time to explore and discover each other’s interests. It is an integral part of any romantic relationship. There is literally no romantic relationship you can find that did not went through this stage.

This is why giving gifts is very important. Gifts are excellent ways to express courtesy and appreciation for her taking the time to get to know you. Whether both of you were introduced by a friend or you meet each other at a bar, giving gifts on the first date is an excellent idea. However, the gift itself need not be expensive. There are some guys who would opt for extravagant gift to impress the lady but the thing is, it does not always work the way you want it. Besides, you can always go for lavish gifts as soon as you know she is a keeper.

If you are looking for excellent first date gifts, the following suggestions should be helpful:



Of all the gifts you can give a lady on a first date, a flower is perhaps the most romantic. After all, flowers are very much associated with relationships particularly romantic ones. Therefore, giving her flowers on your first date will really put things in the right direction. Most importantly, women loves to be at the receiving end of a flower given as a gift. It always seem to bring out that girly feelings in her.

When you are opting for this gift, it would be best to go for a single bloom. For one, it would not be too expensive as it is still just your first date. You can also choose a budding rose flower to give the impression that you are hopeful for a budding relationship between you.


A poem

This would really work with romantic individuals. Poems are always regarded as a deep expression of one’s heart and giving one to a lady can ignite a mixture of emotions. Don’t worry if you are not the poet type. There is really nothing wrong about picking a poem that best fit your mood at the moment. Poetry books are always available as well as copies of great romantic poems in the internet. You will have ample supply of them.

Giving her a poem can also help her see you in a different perspective. Poems are also associated with gentleness. Giving her one can mean that you are gentle about how you are expecting the relationship to progress. It could help her see that you want to get to know her without rushing things. A lot of women appreciate that.



We all love a great picture. This is why giving her a picture of you both on your date is a good idea. It is also unique. To pull this off though, you need to have someone take the picture. It is always great if she did not know you are being photographed. It adds to the mystery of the gift.

Photographs are great for giving after the date. You can add a note at the back telling her you really enjoyed the evening. It would seem like a late gift but there is no way she will not appreciate it.

Give her a simple yet memorable gift. Whether or not you would end up as a romantic couple, it would really be great to give her something to remember you by. Something to remind her that someone made an effort to make her extra special.


What to Look for Before Booking an Elite Escort


What to look before booking an elite escort
It is true that the escort service, as an industry, has been around for a long time. It is not just a thriving business but a booming one. So you can expect that the people in this industry already know the ins and outs of any transactions. If this is your first time to conduct business or book the services of an escort, you could easily get carried away by how these agencies market themselves and their ladies.

This is why it is very important to make sure that you know why you are hiring an escort in the first place. Before making any move to research or look for an appropriate agency, you have to make it clear on yourself why you need the service. Are you going out on a short weekend vacation and you wanted to have a travel companion you can be romantic with? Are you in need of a smart date to impress a prospective client or partner in a business dinner meeting? Setting these straight can greatly help you in making the right decision come the selection period.

Here are some very important things you should look into before booking an elite escort:


Agency’s reputation

Know that there are so many escort agencies out there and that all of them are marketing themselves to be elite agencies. However, just because they claim to be one, you can believe them to be one. Try to look into its reputation in terms of how they take care of their ladies as well as how they deal with prospective clients. Confidentiality is a major issue. So take a closer look at the agencies policies regarding these.

The pricing should also be a consideration. Do not settle for cheap services because that is exactly the quality of the service you will get. However, it does not mean that you should go for the highest priced ones all the time. Compare the pricing of the agencies, eliminate cheap ones and go for those agencies whose pricing you can afford without going overboard. Remember, when looking at the reputation of the agency, consider how they take care of their ladies, how they handle confidentiality, and always consider the pricing.


Escort’s reputation

After considering the agency’s reputation, you need to look at your prospect escort’s reputation. Your first consideration is of course the beauty. Every individual has his own schema for beauty. It is therefore very important to discuss this with the agency. While beauty can be subjective, there are general guidelines you can consider.

Never go for escort agencies whose ladies have obviously reconstructed ‘beauty’ to the point that they look like cutouts straight from a pornographic magazine. Chances are, they are not as elite as they claim to be. Your prospect client won’t be impressed at all. And if you are going out on a weekend vacation, you would not want to be seen walking around with one, do you?

Another consideration is the escort’s intelligence or educational level. Elite escort agencies are professionals so they employ one well-bred and educated ladies as escort models. This will allow them to cater to different types of services. Remember that her ability to take care of herself no matter what event you would take her brings value to your money.

There are so many escorts out there. Do not make the mistake of settling for cheap agencies. Make the necessary research and do an extensive screening. After all, booking the services of an elite escort is a form of investment. Make sure you are getting the best out of it!


How to make the Best of Your Second Date


How to make the best of your date
Wow! Things are really looking up for you and your quest for a romantic relationship with a gorgeous woman. You have braved everything and asked a lovely woman to go out with you on a first date. At the end of the first date, you felt like there has to be another one. Whatever you did in your first time together must have worked perfectly because when you called her up to ask if a second date is possible, she had no qualms about it.

Understand that the first date is very important because it sets everything up. Botch it up and you can sure say goodbye to your chances of ever building any semblance of a relationship with her. Do well and you can expect for more chances of getting to know her better. Basically, your first date can make or break your whole dating experience with her.

This does not mean, though, that you can just take the second easy. This is where a lot of men fail miserably. Now that they are able to hurdle the first date, they thought that romance is right around the corner. The truth is, both of you are nowhere near knowing each other well enough. One date is not enough to get to know a person.

This means that the second one is an opportunity to better show her who you are because in the first date, you were so concerned about first impressions so that your nerves are affecting you so much. Now that you are at least no longer total strangers, you have a chance to come out of your shell so she can get to know you better.

So now that you are in this stage, it would be a great idea to consider the following to make sure your second date will be perfect!


Relax and be yourself

Just like in the first date, you are still in the “getting-to-know-you” stage. This is why it is very important for you to just be yourself. Never try to be somebody else. Ladies can easily pick it up if you are simply pretending. Keep the conversation fun but also informative enough so that both of you can have a clearer picture of the kind of person you are dating.

The best way for you to get to know each other is to show more of yourself. Although if there are issues that you are not comfortable talking about, you can definitely skip it. Your date will understand it if you tell her politely that you are uncomfortable about it. She can even appreciate the fact that you are honest about it.


Lift off from where you ended

Your date will definitely appreciate you remembering the things you did and talked about in your first date. It is therefore very helpful to remember topics and things you observed during the first date. For example, if you noticed that she likes a certain drink, it would be a good idea to order or bring it on the second date. This will show her that you were focused on her. It would be a big “no-no” to ask questions you have already talked about in the first date.


Take the experience to another level

Try to picture your dating experience with her like a ladder. The second date must be a flight higher than the first one. You have to take the whole experience a notch higher. Being creative comes very handy for this. Never settle for the same thing over and over again. For example, if you guys went to a dinner date the first time, try going on a picnic date. The new environment can add to the atmosphere of the date and help make the whole experience memorable.

The second date is as important as the first one, it is therefore very important that you plan it out ahead of time. Be creative and be yourself.