How to Make a Good Impression on Your Date


How to make a good impression on your dateMaking a good impression on your date is essential in making sure that your date, and all subsequent dates, go well. They will set the stage between you and your date, and as the saying goes, “first impressions DO last.”


When you meet your date for the first time, the first thing that they will notice is the way you dress. Make sure that you dress appropriately for your date. If you are meeting in a nice and elegant place, you should be dressed accordingly.


A nice pair of slacks, good shoes, and a well-fitted button-down shirt will make you look smart, presentable, and well-polished. On the other hand, if you are meeting somewhere more casual, you should also make sure that you don’t look out of place and over-dressed.


Being able to dress appropriately for the occasion tells your date that you are able to fit well in any social situation. The second thing that you date will notice about you when you come closer is your personal hygiene.


Clean, fresh breath, well-groomed head and facial hear, and even nicely-manicured hands will give your date the impression that you care about yourself, and you will make the effort to present your best self to her.


Finally, your date will notice that manner and your way of speaking with her. Being calm and confident in yourself will automatically shine through in your personality, and the way you speak with your date. She will also see whether or not you are happy to see her, and if you are excited for the date ahead.


While there’s no guarantee that any date, especially a first-time date, will end well, there are steps that you can take to make sure that you at least have a great first impression on your date.


Finding Romance In A New City


Finding Romance In A New City

Moving to visiting a new city can be very difficult. You need to find your way around the city, and also to meet people with whom to hang out. Meeting high end women for dates and romance in a big city can be even more difficult.

Decent women can be worried about communicating with someone they don’t know, and the kind of women who would go to meet someone they don’t know, may not be the safest kind of person with whom to connect.

There are all sorts of horror stories of people who have had very nasty surprises, and even danger, by putting themselves in situations with strangers, leaving themselves vulnerable.

So where can one find a little elite romance with a companion in a big city? If you’re looking to go dancing, enjoy a little candlelight dinner, and indulge in some fascinating conversation, here are some ideas!


Online dating sites for meeting women

One can visit any of the hundreds of dating sites around the world, make up a profile, and wait for contacts. The problem with these sites is that there is nobody to vet the applicants or those who contact you.

You also spend your own time to go through all the profiles to find potentially suitable contacts – many of whom are fake profiles anyway. We’ve all seen the stories: Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site


Dating and introduction agency

An actual dating agency – an introduction agency – can be a good option for some people. They charge a fee to introduce you to the suitable women on their books, for dates, with a view to a relationship.

However, the selections in these agencies may not be to the standard of most men; she could meet anyone at her local sports club or through friends. In addition, you have the expense of paying for a maybe.

You might meet someone suitable, or you may waste time and money meeting people with whom you have zero chemistry.


Clubs and Bars

Going to clubs and bars can be fun in your 20s, but as a mature and successful gentleman, it can be embarrassing and even tacky. It’s hardly luxurious or elite, and there’s little chance of a GFE.

You’re more likely to experience a bit of a dance and disappearing act, or perhaps a forgettable one-night thing, leading nowhere.

The kinds of women frequenting such establishments may hardly be the type one would want to keep contact with, let alone share intimacies with.

What if you start chatting with the wrong girl? Her boyfriend may be less than impressed. And the late nights, wandering around a strange city with a group of ‘party people’ – not the safest environment in which to place oneself.

You may get lucky and meet someone wonderful. Or you may be unlucky and meet someone absolutely awful for your future.


Supermarkets/ bookstores

If you’re in town for any length of time you could find yourself running into familiar faces, and a nod turns into a smile, and a smile into a ‘hi’.

At the end of the day though, this is still a stranger, and you will need to take time to get to know them. She will also be wary of meeting new people in the store, and will want time to get to know you also.

That’s assuming you happen across someone who takes your interest in these places! For a faster connection, another option may be best.


Clubs of Mutual Interest

As above, you may join a sports team or a group of some kind, a wine club or chess club etc. Any group activity where people of similar interests many frequent.

Here you may find someone interesting with whom to spend some time. Yet again, you need that time to find someone suitable, get to know them, build a rapport and a relationship.

Even for a one night stand, you then have the awkwardness of seeing them again every time you go there. It may be viable for a long term option if you meet someone you like, but won’t help you in the here and now. : )


Friends Can Introduce You to Someone

Meeting someone recommended by a friend or colleague can be interesting. Your friends may see common interests and really think you would get along well.

However, if things don’t work out, you may feel awkward around your friends or colleagues, not knowing if the date has discussed any personal things with them.

Not to mention the obligation you might feel to ‘make it work’. You may try harder or stay longer in the relationship than you would like, simply to keep up appearances.


Elite Escort Agencies

You always have the option of calling an escort girl, however, you may find it difficult to find someone who reaches your standards.

The kinds of girls who are available on call as escorts are probably much the same as nightclub types. Perhaps not the most ideal option for dating or a beautiful connection.

For a brief (and most likely robotic) visit for questionable activities, an escort may be an option for some. For the gentleman who is more careful with his health and the energy with which he surrounds himself, there may be better options.


High-end Companion

Inviting an elite companion to join you for dinner or cocktails can feel similar to calling an escort, however there are some big differences. The companion agencies offer elite GFE travel companions and courtesans for the selective gentleman.

However, the connection is never robotic. This is one of the ways to tell whether the companion company is just an escort service marketing itself as a top courtesan company, or whether they are genuinely elite.

Their GFE (girlfriend experience) is just that. A genuine feeling date. They’ll also communicate with you in perfect and professional language, and won’t have ladies available at the last minute – but they’ll certainly be available faster than the supermarket stranger!

You’ll also find they have a much higher minimum booking time than a by the hour escort girl, who meets hundreds of men a month. The elite courtesan or travel companion is only available for a few people because she holds down a full time career.

She’s a real woman, and successful. The only problem with this option is that women of this caliber charge a higher fee. But if you regularly seek out the best, this might be the best option for the selective man who wants a safe and guaranteed selection of high quality.

At the end of the day, the manner in which you meet someone for a little fun and romance is really up to you. However when and what you require may vary from others, influencing your decision. Think about the possible outcomes, and make an informed choice for yourself. Best of luck!


Occasions to Book a High End Travel Companion


Occasions to Book a High End Travel Companion

Dating escorts have become a common thing, especially among rich and posh societies. This is true despite the fact that escorts services is still highly considered a taboo among majority of the people all over the world.

This is why the industry is not only surviving but definitely alive and growing. This is seen in the number of agencies all over the world.

The number of escort agencies today is staggering, if you factor the fact that most of these agencies have global reach, you get the picture of how vast this industry really is.

What makes elite courtesan service so special is that it is confined on catering to only one or two needs.

The truth is, the industry covers a wide range of needs and functions and the high end models are well educated and trained to function well on such occasions.

This is why rich and successful men avail of their services without second thoughts.

Here are three occasions to book a professional escort:


Business Evenings and Events

Business dinners whether with a prospective client or a target business partner usually demands that you have a date to take with you. The same can also be said in other business events and functions.

The thing with this kind of evets is that you cannot just take anybody as your date. Why? Well, you have to consider impressing the people you interact with in such event.

First impressions almost always have huge effect on how people take a look at you as a whole. This is why you have to be impressive in all areas.

High end escorts are not only beautiful, they are well educated. In fact, majority of these lovely models have college education.

What does this mean? It means that they can easily handle conversations with an array of topics. If you are hoping to impress a prospective client or business partner, taking a gorgeous and intelligent date with you certainly puts you in the right direction!


Weekends and Vacations

Elite escorts are not only great on business functions and dinners. They also make exceptional travel companions. Imagine going on a vacation with a travel companion so beautiful heads are turning towards your direction.

Not only that, she is also clearly intelligent so that you get to enjoy conversing with her on just about anything during your whole travel and vacation.

The best part about having such travel companion is that professional escorts always make sure you get to enjoy your vacation in the best possible way.

This means that you have her unwavering attention so that you can have a deeper and more meaningful vacation experience rather than a boring one.


The Girlfriend experience

The best about this industry is that you can book the services of an elite escort even for just a romantic evening.

If you are looking to spend a romantic date with someone and your schedule do not permit you to go looking for a lady to have an actual date with, you can easily book an elite escort for an amazing girlfriend experience.

Take her out on a romantic evening date and enjoy her company. The thing with dating is that it feeds our need to socialize with another person.

We cannot really do away with it and dating a gorgeous escort definitely meet that need in more ways than one.

International courtesan service is definitely wide and far reaching not only in the fact that this industry have global reach but because the services really cater to so much of one’s needs.

While it may be a taboo to those who do not understand it, the industry is here because it definitely meets people’s needs in different areas.


How to make the Best of Your Vacation with a High End Travel Companion


How to make the Best of Your Vacation with a High End Travel Companion


When we talk about vacations, we are talking about an activity that people spend so much time, effort and money to make sure it turns out to be the best experience ever.

This is because a vacation is our chance to enjoy and be free from any worries about business, work and other responsibilities. The thing with vacations though is that even if we plan about them so much, they can still turn south at any moment.

So how do we make the most out of our vacations and make sure they are meaningful and memorable? Consider the following:


Never go on your own

By nature, humans are social beings. This means that it is hardwired in our psyche to share experiences with others for them to be memorable and meaningful.

Ever wonder why dining with another person is more fun than doing so alone? The same is true with vacations. The best way to enjoy a vacation is to have someone with you and when it comes to that, there is no better companion than an elite courtesan.

Choose high end escorts who are not only gorgeous but also intelligent. Make sure that she can be a great conversationalist.

This will ensure that your whole travel and vacation will be filled with interactions making it more fun and memorable. Imagine a companion who is an eye candy but rarely talks, boring, right?



We are living in an era of social media. People today are so engrossed keeping their social media life active. As a result, we do not engage so much with people but are more content in taking pictures and updating Instagram and Facebook.

While there is nothing wrong with doing that, in fact it is great to chronicle your vacation, doing solely that on you vacation takes away the fun.

Limit the picture taking, posting, and updating of social media. Go out and interact with your travel companion as well as the people you meet along the way.

Bask in the majestic views of the places you visit. When you focus what is in front of you and interact with it instead of focusing on updating status in social media, you get to appreciate the grandeur of the place as well as the amazing people around you. Enjoy your vacation. Forget social media for a while!


Keep it easy

Some people, when planning their vacation cram so much activities into their itineraries. It’s understandable that you want to make the most out of your limited vacation time.

The problem with this is that your whole vacation can feel hurried. You do not get to enjoy the places that you visit because you are too concerned that you will miss the next one.

When planning your vacation, pick the best spots and limit your destinations. This will give you enough time to take the place in and enjoy them.

When you take things slowly, you get to appreciate the whole experience better.
A vacation is definitely a treat.

It gives you a break from stress and allows you to enjoy and have fun. To maximize the fun, be sure to have an elite travel companion to share the experience with, focus on what is in front of you, and take things easy.


How to Extend the Benefits with an Elite Travel Companion


How to Extend the Benefits with an Elite Travel Companion

Vacations can be among the best things you can do when you see yourself being burnt out from the hassles of work and business. Taking a break and going away from all the stress can greatly help you regain focus and refuel you once again to be productive.

However, you should know that vacations can also wear you down. In fact, according to studies, most vacationers do not enjoy a lingering stress-free feelings when they return from their get-away. The actual vacation may be relaxing, but the stress returns as soon as they are back to their daily routine.

If this is the case, then all the benefits of a vacation only happen in the actual get-away as well as on the buildup but not after it. While this is true to most people, there are actually a few ways you can extend the benefits of a vacation with an elite courtesan far beyond the event.

Consider the following:


Make sure to unwind

The thing with vacations is that we want to make the most out of it. So we jam-pack it with so many activities to do and places to visit. The downside of this is that the whole experience ultimately turns out to be too hurried.

We eventually end up tired and stressed instead. The ultimate goal of a vacation is for you to relax, unwind, and have fun.

So when you plan your vacation, plan it with these three foremost in your mind! Make sure that you have ample time to relax and have fun.

Sometimes, the less activities you put in your vacation, the more fun it turns out to be. One of the best ways to unwind is in the company of a beautiful woman who actually wants to be there, and enjoys your company. A wonderful connection makes Holiday time exciting and leaves you feeling revitalized.


Be active

While it is true that resting is important, you also need to be active. There has to be a balance in these two if you want to make your vacation as memorable and fun as possible.

Make sure that you have one or two activity that keep you moving. This can avoid the dreaded ‘vacation spread’! It could be swimming, biking, hiking, etc.

Remember, you are out of town to experience what nature or the place around you has to offer. Go out and explore at least 50% of the time.

When you have a stunning model escort with you, she will make your activity time most enjoyable, giving you someone to share things with – going for a run together is far more fun than running alone!


Do what you really love

Vacation is the time when we get away from all the pressures of daily schedules and responsibilities. It is a perfect time to be ourselves and do things that we really want to do or try things we have been hoping to experience before.

When you plan your vacation, make sure you include things you really want to do or try. This will make your vacation, even more, fun and memorable. Chat with your girlfriend and plan some fantastic times together.

The memories of these moments are what make the vacation remain in your mind, somewhere to escape to mentally when life goes back to normal.

The benefits of a vacation can easily end as soon as your get away ends. To make your vacation with your gfe travel companion extra meaningful, you need to plan it well.

It is the best step we can take to make the fun experience of our vacation linger for longer. When we fail to properly plan especially our vacation, we can end up with a hassled one which is more a burden that a relief.


What Makes an Elite Courtesan Special


What Makes an Elite Courtesan Special

It is no secret that escort services have been availed by different people all over the world, all the time, for centuries. However, a lot of people wonder why one would spend so much to book an escort, when they can opt to meet and pick up ladies through conventional means such as in a bar or even through online dating websites. Or they may consider “I can get a woman for less money”, mistakenly overlooking the quality equation.

People book elite courtesan services for varying reasons. Most of the time, these reasons are well rooted into the kinds of services these models provide. Whether for entertaining dinner dates, great conversation, a feeling of romance at a social event, or to be seen with a beautiful woman, everyone has their own expectations and reasons for contacting and booking a companion, and the benefits attached to that choice.

People book elite escort services because they feel that they get extra value for the amount they spend. This is what sets elite courtesans and companions apart from the common per-hour call girl escorts. When someone’s argument is that he can find ‘it’ for less, he not only exposes his misogynist mindset, he also exposes his ignorance. Everyone knows there are different qualities of women in the world. While they are all worthy of respect and care as human beings, not all companions are created equal.

What makes elite escorts special? Consider the following:


Her appearance

Every woman making herself available for companionship should be attractive in some way. Elite escorts are always classically beautiful. However, they do not sport the porn-star look. This simply means that they prefer to have a fresh appearance. They range from generally immaculate to extremely high end, but they will always look natural, understated, elegant and inconspicuous (discreet).

Any woman showing too much skin, cut-out patches of clothing, choosing cheap fabrics or too much ‘bling’, as not high quality or class in her presentation or demeanor. Overly “glamorous” is less appealing and more lower-class/ common porn style. A high end woman is naturally beautiful and fresh.

You can expect your escort companion to look natural rather than someone who has undergone surgical enhancement. She may not have that ‘ultimate male fantasy’ look (depending upon which demographic of ‘males’ you refer to !), however her appearance would definitely be more appealing. A man of similar class will seek out a woman who doesn’t choose thick heavy contour makeup, or odd colors.

High end gentlemen don’t enjoy the ‘Kardashian’ look, they like fresh, clean, elegant, tasteful, educated young ladies who take good care of their health, and who know how to be discreet. Women who do not indulge in unattractive behaviors or conduct in her personal life, and who speak with articulation, respect and kindness.

The issue of quality can be very important especially if you are taking your escort to a very important business dinner date. You do not want to meet prospective clients with a date who looks like she was taken from a porn magazine or brothel. Discretion extends to her look,
personality, background, life experience, conduct and social etiquette.


Her education

What really sets elite escorts apart from common courtesans is their educational accomplishments. When booking elite escort services, you can expect to be going out with a woman who is not only attractive but also one with a college education. She’s from a decent family,
with decent morals (for this day and age..), a kind heart and a level head. She’s not a diva or money-hungry; she enjoys dating interesting people.

A lower quality companion will not have a university degree. That’s not a deal breaker; if she is naturally intelligent and possesses all the other aspects of an elite woman, she can still be considered a high end companion. However her lack of education may let her down in some conversations.

A woman’s education means that she is capable of holding her own in different discussions which can easily lead to a more meaningful conversation, thus making the whole experience more fruitful and exciting. A large part of connecting with someone is communication. Without the ability to converse freely (ie excellent language skills, great understanding of nuance and innuendo, life experience and general knowledge in order to find common ground), the connection will be limited.

This trait is also one of the main reasons why accomplished businessmen choose elite escorts when going to important business functions. Having an attractive and intelligent date helps elicit a good perception from clients and colleagues. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by their date. When you book an elite companion, it’s like asking the cute next door neighbor or pretty colleague to join you. The date will be a ‘normal’, beautiful, friendly woman, you’re just paying for her time.


Excellent companionship

People often associate escort services with sexual experience. The truth is, high-end escorts provide far more than that. Elite escort models are known to create a genuine connection with their clients. As mentioned above, mental connection is almost as important as anything else for most people.

This makes for a dynamic encounter rather than the one-dimensional experience people get from common per-hour escorts, or even from ladies one picks up from a bar or online dating sites. Because those women are looking for what they can get, whereas a professional and elite escort is looking at what she can give, to make your life so much better and easier.

Building sincere connections with callers is what makes these upscale courtesans exceptional travel companions. Gentlemen who book their services often discover that they could truly enjoy their booking experience because the whole encounter flows more naturally. It feels like a real date, with a real woman he met somewhere. It’s part of the fantasy, that she is always well bred, always in a great mood, and always willing to please. While it’s not really realistic view of women, a man who seeks an easy exchange will find this the perfect option, to book companions rather than maintaining a heavy relationship with one woman.

People contact professional escort services for varying reasons. Some are hoping for romantic experiences while others are taking their high end travel companions to exotic weekend getaways. Others book such services for formal evenings and business functions. Some just want someone to hang out with. All these show the versatility of an elite professional escort. She’s everything to everyone. Well, to those select few who can afford her time, at least!

This is what separates the whole upmarket GFE experience from the one you can have with ladies you meet on an online dating site or the one you picked up from a bar. A booked truly high end companion is there just for you, nothing else. It’s a far more pampering, enjoyable,
safe and fulfilling experience.

While you may strike it lucky and find a great date from such conventional ways, booking an elite escort would not be such a gamble. But you need just the right agency to find just the right girl. Mystique Companions will match you perfectly every time.


Why a Lot of People Book Expensive Courtesans


Why a Lot of People Book Expensive Courtesan
Booking escort services has been a common practice all over the world. With the rapid rise of the internet, this practice has been blown to a far larger proportion. Escort agencies can now promote their services and can have global reach. This makes the whole escort service industry bigger and far-reaching than it has ever been.

The growing reach of the industry also gave rise to questions and misconceptions. Why would people hire an escort? This is a valid question given the fact that escort service come with a significant cost. The answer though is not really difficult to see. People choose to hire expensive courtesan out of convenience, quality of service, and discretion.

Let’s take a closer look at these reasons.


People book escorts out of convenience

Let’s face it. Majority of the people today no longer engage in activities to meet other people whether to build friendship with or for dating purposes. This is because people have become very career-oriented. We are so focused on building our careers that dating and meeting people have been shoved to the background. As a result, conventional dating has become a challenge.

This brings about a new trend and that is to book escorts for different reasons and occasions. The truth is, escort services are no longer confined to sexual experiences. You can avail professional escort services for just about anything from romantic dinner to business functions. You can even hire an elite escort to serve as your companion your friend’s or relative’s wedding. No need to stress yourself looking for a date. Everything can be conveniently arranged.


Quality of service

Another reason why many opt for professional escort service is because they feel that they get extra value for their money. Professional escorts always aim to genuinely connect with their clients. Clients almost always feel that the whole engagement is not just a business deal for their escorts. This is because their model companions always look to give their clients their undivided attention. Conversations are more interesting making the whole experience far more meaningful.

This is achieved because professional escorts are well educated; they usually have college education. It allows them to handle conversations with a wide range of topics. This is also why businessmen would choose to date an escort in an important business meeting.



Another very attractive aspect of booking an escort service is the discretion that comes along with it. Whether you are going out for a dinner date, a business function or whatever it is you have planned, you can rest assured that your model escort will project the right image and make sure no one really knows your actual deal.

When you are booking the services of a gfe travel companion, discretion is among the first that the escort or her agency will emphasize. This simply means that booking an escort service is not all about convenience and fun, your identity is also secured.

Basically, the question as to why people book escort services is rooted in people misconception about the industry. The truth is, escort service just like any other service out there, simply caters to a particular need.