How to Tell if Your Male Date Likes You


How to Tell if Your Male Date Likes YouA first outing with your male date might be a bit of a head-scratcher if you’re wondering whether or not your date likes you, and if you’re picking up on the right cues. After all, no one wants to make a fool of themselves and make a move because they read the situation wrong.

While there’s no foolproof way of finding out whether or not a guy likes you, there are some clues that you can take into account to find out if you should consider taking the relationship to the next level:

1. Eye Contact

If a guy likes you, eye contact is one of the things that you would notice would increase between the two of you. Your male date will find ways to always make eye contact, and keep the eye contact as long as possible, especially during conversation. They literally won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you!

2. Finding Common Ground

Another way that men let their date know that they are interested is by trying to find common ground between the two of you, whether it’s your interests, goals, hobbies, or even past experiences. Finding common ground between the two of you allows a deeper, more intimate connection to be built, and it’s also a significant factor of whether or not a relationship would be possible in the future.

3. Physical Contact

Physical contact is one of the ways that many guys show their interest with their date. Some men are quite subtle about it; they’ll brush up their fingers around yours on the table, or perhaps even try to hold your hand during your date. Some are more forward, signaling a kiss at the end of your date. Just remember; it’s your comfort that matter during the date, not their desire for physical contact.


3 Awesome Tips for Creating a Romantic Night


3 Awesome Tips for Creating a Romantic NightIf it’s your first date night with a special someone, it’s only reasonable that you would want to make it a romantic night so that both of you can really enjoy your time together. There are times when the desire to make it a romantic night can really get into your head and make you nervous, so you might feel the pressure to make it a successful night.

Here are some quick and easy tips to make your date a romantic night where you and your date can share genuinely intimate and enjoyable moments together:

1. Dress to Feel your Best

Whether you’re going out on a date to a fancy restaurant or just to a casual bar for a nightcap, you should make sure to get clothes that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take your date out for a good time.

Having good-fitting clothes will not only show off your physical assets, but they will also allow you to move comfortably during your date. This kind of self-confidence will shine through during your time together.

2. Play to Your Strengths

Going out on a romantic date means that you should put your best foot forward, and you can use that to your advantage during your date. If you’re the spontaneous type, why not just go where the wind blows during your date, whether it’s the latest play on Broadway, or the hottest restaurant at the moment?

On the other hand, if you’re the type who loves structure and making sure that plans go off without a hitch, there’s nothing wrong with planning each part of your date – that way, you won’t get stuck without a table or tickets!

3. Be Honest and Open

In order to have a truly romantic date, you need to make sure that you have a genuine connection with your date. Being honest and open with your date during your conversations is the best way to do this; sharing some personal information about yourself allows your date to really get to know you, so that they can bond with you.


4 Best Jewelries to Give For Your Elite Companion

4 best jewelries to give to your elite companion

A look is completed with accessories, and you would want to make sure that your elite companion has a great, polished look during your GFE date. They can totally modify the outfit and, in addition, creates a flexible closet to each lady’s individual taste.

If you want to give your elite companion a classic and luxurious boost to her appearance, here are some of the best, most luxurious jewelry brands that you can choose from:

1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston, the undisputed name in the realm of precious stones, is recognizable across the planet. Consistently Harry Winston’s artful pieces are procured by the Hollywood performing artists, in order to check their essence at the Oscar Red Carpet.

It is generally trusted that the finest quality and rarest stones are utilized for Winston adornments. For their theatrical heritage and profoundly expound precious stone magnum opuses, Harry Winston jewelry pieces are amongst the best gifts that you can give your elite companion.

2. Cartier

Cartier has a long ruling history of putting a portion of the world’s most costly adornments around the necks, arms, and ears of the world’s elite and wealthy.

Established by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, it is a French brand best known for its gems and watches including the Bestiary.

It was a Panther-molded clasp made for Wallis Simpson in 1940s and has been considered as one of the immortal gems from the history.

If you want to make your elite companion feel like royalty, give her an exclusive piece from Cartier.

3. Van Cleef Arpels

The eponymous French brand was established by Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels in 1896. Initially situated in France, the adornments mark still keeps up Old World style even in their signature pieces.

For a classic, dignified look, there is no better piece to give your elite companion than a Van Cleef Arpels.

4. Buccellati

Buccellati, the Italian extravagance mark is known for the perfect nature of their gold adornments. Consistent with their legacy, the top of the line gems organization sticks to Roman styles, which can be truly obvious in their gathering of sleeve arm ornaments. They are also known for creating amazing pieces from mixing gold and silver.


Top 4 Tips to Spend a Romantic Date Night with Your Elite Companion


Top 4 Tips to Spend a Romantic Date Night with Your Elite CompanionIf it’s your first time to spend a romantic date night with your elite companion, you would want to make sure that your night goes off without a hitch! A romantic date night should ideally go off smoothly, and at the end of the night, everyone is happy.

Of course, it’s only reasonable that you get the first-time jitters if it’s the first time that you will be spending time with your elite companion.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind that will help you get over your nervousness, and help you pull off a spectacular date night.


1.  Have a Plan

While there is something endearing about being spontaneous, a first date is not the best time to not have a definite plan about your evening. Even your elite companion will not appreciate hearing, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”. Remember, both your times are valuable, and since you’re only together for a limited amount of it, make sure that you are able to make the most of your time.


2.  Make the Necessary Reservations

There’s nothing more frustrating during a romantic date than being told that there are no tables available at your preferred restaurant, or that tickets to the show that you wanted to watch have been sold out. Once you have a date with your elite companion scheduled, make sure to call ahead and get the necessary bookings to make your evening successful.


3. Dress Appropriately

Showing up to your date on time and looking like you put some effort into the way you look signals to your elite companion that you are a gentlemen who appreciates both being punctual, and putting his best foot forward during dates. Also, it makes you look good!


4. Be Respectful and Courteous at All Times

Always remember that you are in a public place with a professional date, so you should act professional as well. Be polite and respectful; she will definitely appreciate it.


How Will You Know if Your Female Date Likes You


How Will You Know if Your Female Date Likes YouIf it’s the first time that you are on a date with a lady, you might be wondering if the women you’re on a date with actually likes you. This can be pretty frustrating, especially if you actually have feelings for your date.

Luckily, there are ways to find out whether or not your female date likes you. Take note that these cues are not fool-proof, but you can at least gauge whether or not she is genuinely attracted to you, and you can decide whether or not you should go on a second date.

One of the best ways to ascertain whether or not your female date likes you is to look at her body language. They do say that body language speaks volumes even without words, and if you want to figure out how your date feels towards you, try reading her body language during your date.

Understanding Her Body Language:


Look at the distance between your bodies;

If your female date likes you, she will find ways to close the distance between the two of you. She will lean over the table towards you during your date, or perhaps move a little closer to you as you walk side by side.


Eye contact is key

Eye contact is a great way to gauge if someone is interested in you. If she keeps on making eye contact with you, she is probably interested in you. One of the surefire ways to tell whether a girl likes you is to look into her eyes; if her pupils dilate will looking at you, she probably is very interested in you.


Pay attention to her small gestures

Many women tend to make small gestures to show her interest, whether it’s fixing her hair behind her ear, casually brushing her hand against yours, or going to the bathroom to freshen up so that she looks her best.


How to Make a First Date Successful: 4 Key Rules


How to make a good impression on your dateA first date is always a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you are physically attracted to your date, and you want to make sure that the date goes well. However, the pressure that you might feel in wanting to make sure that the date goes well can actually back fire, making you nervous and souring the date before you can lay a good foundation.

While there is no sure-fire way to make sure that a date goes smoothly and as well as you hope, there are some ways to at least nudge the date towards becoming a more positive experience. Here are four key things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to a first date:


1. Be punctual

No one likes to be kept waiting, and no matter how attractive or interesting you are, if you’re late for a date, it will take away from your attractiveness. Treat a date if you would treat an important job interview: 10 minutes early is on time, on time is late, and if you’re late, you’d better have a darn good excuse.


2. Be presentable

Be sure to clean up well, wear nice clothes, and even book a spa date for clean nails, if possible. If you have facial hair, make sure that it’s trimmed and groomed well.


3. Be genuine

Even on a first date, most people can sense if you’re faking your interests and hobbies to make a good impression, because passion isn’t really something you can fake. In fact, if you pull it off, it becomes harder, because then you would need to keep up that façade every time you see each other. Just be yourself; it’s easier to like something real!


4. Leave a little mystery

A good date is one where your partner would look forward to the next time you see each other, so it’s a great idea to keep a little air of mystery about yourself. Leave your date wanting to know more about you, so that they will be looking forward to the next date with you.


Best Dress Ideas for Your First Escort Date


How to make a good impression on your dateIf you have a first-time escort date on your calendar, it’s only reasonable that you would want to make a great first impression, because as the saying goes, “first impressions last!” The first thing that your escort date is going to notice about you is the way that you dress, so you want to make sure that you dress appropriately and in a way that show off your best assets.


First, you need to make sure that you dress appropriately for the setting of your first escort date. If you are going out to a nice restaurant, make sure that you dress in formal clothes. A nice suit and tie always makes for a great outfit, and it shows that you are a gentleman of good breeding and taste. On the other hand, if you are meeting in a less formal setting, at a café or bar for example, showing up in a smart-casual outfit (nice slacks, a button down shirt, good shoes) is a good choice. Remember, there is such a thing as being over- or under-dressed, so make sure that you are pairing the right outfit with the occasion.


Second, make sure that what you are wearing complements your figure and your assets. Look for clothes that fit you well and are comfortable; nothing too tight or too loose. Look for colors that go well with your physical attributes: black is very slimming, white looks clean and presentable, and gray is quiet and elegant. If you want to take things a step further, you can even match your skin tone and eye color! For example, if you have blue eyes, why not match it with a shirt that has the same shade?


Lastly, a few accessories are always a good touch. For formal outfits, a tie clip or some cufflinks are always good choices, and if you want something that can really tie your outfit together, a simple but elegant gentleman’s watch is a great choice.


Top 6 Unknown Turn Ons that Can Improve Your Dating Game

When it comes to dating elite companions, you might think that just being able have money and position would be enough to turn on your elite escort date. Perhaps a brothel girl might be impressed, but not an elite dinner date or travel companion.
These days, you should be able to offer more than just a full bank account in order to impress a high-end elite companion. Given the caliber of models and actresses available for high end companionship, there is some serious competition! She doesn’t accept every caller.
There are a lot of political and public figures booking high end companions now, as well as plenty of UHNWIs ready to spoil her, and not just with material things. On top of which, why would you want to be some mediocre caller, when you could be remembered fondly?
Here are six turn ons that you might want to keep in mind when meeting an elite companion, especially if you are meeting her for the first time, but definitely if you are meeting her for a regular GFE date:


1. Being a Good Dancer

Dating advice and tips for men

You might be surprised how many women equate being able to dance well, with how confident you are in your daily life. There’s a definite sense of rhythm and timing to both dancing and socializing, and if you are able to dance well on the dance floor, your elite companion will have a decent idea of how well you would perform in social situations.
Whether you’re confident or seductive, un-coordinated yet funny, or too cocky and show-off, it all goes towards her overall impression of you. If you aren’t a competent dancer, take some classes or practice a little – you may find you’re quite the twinkle toes when you try!


2. Being a Sensitive Guy

If you show your sensitive side and be open with your elite companion, you will find that she will also be more open and comfortable with sharing herself with you. Getting to know someone really has everything to do with sharing, and having that moment of compassion for someone will endear you to them.
Women feel a sense of relief when they feel they have someone to lean on for a moment, someone who understands her. You don’t need to be a mensa, or try to solver her problem. Just let her express herself, and let know you understand how she feels. It’s as easy as pie, and makes a huge difference to how close she will allow you in her life.


3. Being Well-Read

Reading a lot of books will make you an interesting and fun to talk to, and you will find that it’s easier to discover common ground between you and your elite companion when you have a vast knowledge of books to call upon.
Intelligent women love men who read, they picture a Clarke Kent type, strong and silent, protective and smart. It’s appealing. Intelligence is sexy. Fact. Not to mention – you might actually enjoy it! Or even learn something! : )


4. Being Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is a great turn on for your date.

Whether it’s going to a hot new nightclub, or trying out a chic hotel for cocktails during your time together, your elite companion will appreciate a surprise now and again during your GFE dates.
Spontaneity not only shows you are confident, it shows you can take the lead.
And most women like to know that when she is unable to handle it all, that you can help/ take over temporarily.
To protect her, to carry her. As she will you, when the tables are turned. Women give a lot. The smart ones expect a lot in return. And the relationship is high quality, and long lasting.


5.Thinking Outside of the Box

Bringing your elite companion flowers or jewelry as a gift might be a nice surprise, but why not step it up a notch? Bring her to a cooking class together, or maybe even get her a more personalized present, such as perfume that’s made especially for her. Originality counts for a lot.
It shows her you genuinely thought about her, you didn’t just purchase some random item. Of course the thought counts and is deeply appreciated. But an original thought is truly touching. She thinks and researches carefully when doing anything for you, so it’s only fair to pay attention and think about something personal that you can gift her with, when that time comes.


6. Well-groomed Facial Hair

Studies show that women find men with facial hair a lot more attractive than men who are clean shaven. (All that testosterone!) Well-groomed facial hair symbolize maturity, attention to hygiene, and a certain kind of gravitas that most women find very appealing.
Masculinity and sensitivity go hand in hand for a woman, and if you have the perfect balance of both, you can get her to fall in love with you – or at least like you a whooole lot! : )


Top 30 Best Fun Date Ideas You Should Try

fun date ideas

Whether it’s your first date, or the regular date night that you have with your partner, you would definitely want to make sure that you both have a great time with fun date ideas.

After all, dates have a lot of potential, and in many cases, they can make or break the rest of your time with the person that you’re on a date with, so you better make sure that you bring your A-game!

Now, movies and good food are all well and good, but they can get pretty boring and repetitive quickly.

If you’ve been on more than a few dates with a person, falling into a repetitive rut can be easy, and dates can even become bothersome. So, here are some unique date ideas you might want to try:


1. Go to the Zoo

Zoos are a great place to bring your date, especially if they love animals, but even people who aren’t really animal lovers often find that an occasional trip to the zoo is exciting and fun.

There’s just something about seeing exotic animals that can bring people closer, especially since you would be able to see a spark of excitement in their eyes.


2. Shop at a Flea Market

Flea markets are a pretty common event anywhere, but in the major cities, they often turn into fun treasure hunts! You can find a lot of unique and exciting hidden gems, as long as you have the patience to sift through all the sundry items.

Larger flea markets often have food and drink booths as well, so you and your date can grab some refreshments through the day.


3. Visit the Arcade and Play Some Games

Bring out the competitive kids in you and your date and visit the nearest arcade! Whether it’s a basketball game or a claw machine, you can make a little contest out of it. Loser has to buy dinner?


4. Stroll through Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a great and inexpensive choice for days with bright skies and a cool, inviting weather. The best times to go are early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.


5. Watch the Skies at a Planetarium

For a memorable and dazzling first date, the dark and cool atmosphere of a planetarium makes for a great choice. You can see the majestic view of our galaxy and beyond, and even hold hands for a little romance in the dark.


6. Tour an Art Gallery

The best thing about art galleries is that there are so many different types to choose from, whether you’re in the mood for some classic art, modern art, or even installation art: there is just something for everyone! For bonus points, it’s a great way to break the ice, and find out more about your date’s interests.


7. Belt out some Tunes at a Karaoke Bar

Now this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you and your date want something a little bit different and adventurous, go out for a night at your nearest karaoke bar and choose a song for each other.


8. Head to a Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular because they are fun, energizing, and adults feel like kids again! Imagine bouncing into a huge foam pit, or finally making that basketball dunk (with a little help from the trampoline, of course).


9. Visit a State Fair

If you’re in a place where there is a regular state fair, make sure to grab your date and spend the day there. Sometimes, all you need in life are some cheap junk food, corny music, dizzying rides, and fairway games.


10. Go Bowling

Bowling lanes are a great place for a first date: they’re fun, casual, and you don’t really need a lot to impress your date.

Sure, a strike or two would be amazing, but even just enjoying each other’s company at the lanes would make for a fun date.


11. Dive into an Aquarium

If your date loves going to the zoo, they will also love a trip to the local aquarium, where they can come face to face with marine animals that they would never see on a regular day.

Imagine being up close and personal with animals like jellyfish, sharks, sting rays, and loads of tropical fish!


12. Take a Hike Together

If city life is becoming too hectic and stressful, there’s nothing like retreating to nature for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Most cities have parks with nature trails where you can feel like you and your date are the only ones in nature.


13. Fire Up a Cooking Class

Bring out the inner chef in you, and impress your date with your cooking skills! There are many cooking classes offered, and you can even learn how to make dinners at home a little bit more elegant and delicious.


14. Go on a Picnic

If the weather is nice, why not pack up a huge picnic basket and have an impromptu picnic with your date? You can spend the day in each other’s company, just watching people walk by.


15. Mini-Golf? Yes Please!

Mini-golf is a great compromise for couples because it combines the love for golf with something your partner can also enjoy.


16. Enjoy an Evening at a Jazz Bar

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a night out together is by just listening to music, so head to your nearest jazz bar and order a couple of drinks. Now, you’re ready to be serenaded for the rest of the night.


17. Race some Go-Karts

A little adrenaline never hurt a couple, and if you need some spice back in your relationship, why not go and race each other at your local kart track?


18. Get some Ducks Fat

Most parks have a duck pond, and there are going to be some hungry ducks there! Make sure that your park allows duck feeding, and if it does, get some bread, and sit down your date to watch the cute ducks feed.


19. Attend a Wine Tasting

This date is perfect for couples who can’t live without a bottle of red or white during dinner time. Most wine tastings also include a tour of the vineyards, and pro tips from wine masters.


20. Roadtrip with no real destination

Sometimes, all you need to release some stress is a long drive with your partner. Don’t have a destination in mind; just hop in the car and let the drive take you where it will! You might be surprised where you end up going!


21. Go Wall/Rocking Climbing

This is perfect for couples who have a competitive streak with a dash of adrenaline junkie. Try to see who can climb the highest and the fastest!


22. Take a Dancing Class Together

Become more in sync with your partner, and take a dance class together. If you want to ramp up the romance, go for the Latin dances, where there is a dash of sultry mixed in. You do know what they say about good dancers and how they perform in the bedroom!


23. Take a Cruise

If you live in or near a bay area, why not book a quick harbor cruise for you and your date? There’s always something soothing about being able to get away from the city, and enjoy drink together on the open water.


24. Attend an Art Class

Get your creative juices flowing, and take an art class together! Whether you’re learning how to paint, sculpt, or even mold pottery, couples who take art classes together often find that they become closer at the end of the class.


25. Try some Indoor Sports

Couples who sweat together stay together! There are a lot of indoor sports for you to try, whether it’s badminton, table tennis, or even a spinning class.


26. Meditate Together

It’s not always about the adrenaline rush; a dash of Zen and calm works wonders for many relationships. Find a meditation class, and take it together with your partner. Find your centers, together.


27. Go Bar Hopping

This might seem like something you might rather do with your mates, but being out in bars with your date can loosen you up with each other and forge even stronger bonds!

If you’re really comfortable with each other, why not check out other people and ask each other if they find those people attractive?


28. Catch an Indie Film Screening

This is often different from movie night, because many indie film screenings show foreign or little-known films. This is a great way to start a conversation during a date.


29. Get a tattoo together

Now this is more for couples who have been together for a long time, and want to share something permanent and tangible with their partner. A tattoo that means something to the both of you will help cement your relationship.


30. Get lost, together

For the truly adventurous and daring, board a bus going to place you have never heard of, with only a small rucksack containing essentials like clothes, money, and your phone. Explore the world and find out more about each other at the same time!

Boost Your Dating Life this New Year

How to boost your dating life

Everyone has his own experiences unique from everyone else. This is very true especially with the dating game. While so many people are enjoying their dating life, there are also many who are not as satisfied as they hoped to be.

Whether or not you are among these not-so fortunate, it would still be a great idea to spice up your dating game. A few tweaking in your approaches, as well as mind set with regards to the dating game, can add life to your whole dating experience.

Here are some New Year’s dating resolutions you can consider applying in your game:


Set your goals

It is said that if you will aim at nothing, you will surely hit it. This is true in almost everything we do including dating.

Most people simply go through the motion of going out and meeting people without even thinking about what they really want out of their whole dating life.

This year, it would really be best to take a serious look at the ‘why’ of your dating life. Why do you go on a date? Are you looking for a lifetime partner or simply just out to meet people and make friends.

Also, it would be best to set goals that are attainable. Have you been failing in your dating life because you are so adamant to find your lifetime partner? If so, why not try to look for someone you can be comfortable with.

Someone you can be friends with; and then try to see if a romantic relationship is possible along the way. This would release some of the pressures you put on yourself and ultimately help you find the right person.


Broaden your horizons

If you think about it, dating is very much similar to hunting a job. When you look for a job, you make sure to use every avenue available for you to find the right job.

You go through the job-posting sites at the internet, newspapers, and even talk to old friends who may know some job openings.

If you have a goal to finally meet the right one for you, then it would be a good idea to check out dating avenues other than the usual bar meetups.

You can try creating an account on online dating sites, try speed dating, and even have some of your friends introduce you to someone. On top of all that, never limit yourself.

Try dating two or three ladies, this would really give you a bigger chance to find the one you can be comfortable with.



It is true that the whole dating can be demanding and entails a lot of planning, diversifying, and of course pressure, both from yourself and others.

However, if you really look at it, dating is simply a mean to meet and know people and the best way to go through that is to really enjoy and have fun.

This is important because as you go through the dating game you will encounter amazing dates and also those that are not so good ones.

If you are enjoying the whole dating game with its ups and downs, you can easily look at each experience and learn from each.

There are so many other things you can add to spice up your dating life. However, these three are already a good start and would sure to see you through! Plan, broaden, enjoy!