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Top 6 Unknown Turn Ons that Can Improve Your Dating Game

When it comes to dating elite companions, you might think that just being able have money and position would be enough to turn on your elite escort date. Perhaps a brothel girl might be impressed, but not an elite dinner date or travel companion.
These days, you should be able to offer more than just a full bank account in order to impress a high-end elite companion. Given the caliber of models and actresses available for high end companionship, there is some serious competition! She doesn’t accept every caller.
There are a lot of political and public figures booking high end companions now, as well as plenty of UHNWIs ready to spoil her, and not just with material things. On top of which, why would you want to be some mediocre caller, when you could be remembered fondly?
Here are six turn ons that you might want to keep in mind when meeting an elite companion, especially if you are meeting her for the first time, but definitely if you are meeting her for a regular GFE date:


1. Being a Good Dancer

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You might be surprised how many women equate being able to dance well, with how confident you are in your daily life. There’s a definite sense of rhythm and timing to both dancing and socializing, and if you are able to dance well on the dance floor, your elite companion will have a decent idea of how well you would perform in social situations.
Whether you’re confident or seductive, un-coordinated yet funny, or too cocky and show-off, it all goes towards her overall impression of you. If you aren’t a competent dancer, take some classes or practice a little – you may find you’re quite the twinkle toes when you try!


2. Being a Sensitive Guy

If you show your sensitive side and be open with your elite companion, you will find that she will also be more open and comfortable with sharing herself with you. Getting to know someone really has everything to do with sharing, and having that moment of compassion for someone will endear you to them.
Women feel a sense of relief when they feel they have someone to lean on for a moment, someone who understands her. You don’t need to be a mensa, or try to solver her problem. Just let her express herself, and let know you understand how she feels. It’s as easy as pie, and makes a huge difference to how close she will allow you in her life.


3. Being Well-Read

Reading a lot of books will make you an interesting and fun to talk to, and you will find that it’s easier to discover common ground between you and your elite companion when you have a vast knowledge of books to call upon.
Intelligent women love men who read, they picture a Clarke Kent type, strong and silent, protective and smart. It’s appealing. Intelligence is sexy. Fact. Not to mention – you might actually enjoy it! Or even learn something! : )


4. Being Spontaneous

Being spontaneous is a great turn on for your date.

Whether it’s going to a hot new nightclub, or trying out a chic hotel for cocktails during your time together, your elite companion will appreciate a surprise now and again during your GFE dates.
Spontaneity not only shows you are confident, it shows you can take the lead.
And most women like to know that when she is unable to handle it all, that you can help/ take over temporarily.
To protect her, to carry her. As she will you, when the tables are turned. Women give a lot. The smart ones expect a lot in return. And the relationship is high quality, and long lasting.


5.Thinking Outside of the Box

Bringing your elite companion flowers or jewelry as a gift might be a nice surprise, but why not step it up a notch? Bring her to a cooking class together, or maybe even get her a more personalized present, such as perfume that’s made especially for her. Originality counts for a lot.
It shows her you genuinely thought about her, you didn’t just purchase some random item. Of course the thought counts and is deeply appreciated. But an original thought is truly touching. She thinks and researches carefully when doing anything for you, so it’s only fair to pay attention and think about something personal that you can gift her with, when that time comes.


6. Well-groomed Facial Hair

Studies show that women find men with facial hair a lot more attractive than men who are clean shaven. (All that testosterone!) Well-groomed facial hair symbolize maturity, attention to hygiene, and a certain kind of gravitas that most women find very appealing.
Masculinity and sensitivity go hand in hand for a woman, and if you have the perfect balance of both, you can get her to fall in love with you – or at least like you a whooole lot! : )