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Why an Elite Companion Would Make a Great Business Date

Many gentlemen who work in high finance and politics often find that they lack the time to be able to commit to a long-term serious relationship, or even a casual one. Thus, they find that they often have to take business trips alone, and attend events either stag, or with a friend. However, there is a great way to still enjoy the companionship of a beautiful, warm, and educated woman during these trips and events. And that is by hiring an elite, discreet companion.


There is sadly still a lingering stigma in some areas of society (though not many now!), which is attached to hiring an elite companion as your date during a business trip. Understandably, if they are picturing a common by-the-hour type of escort girl who meets hundreds of men a month. But thankfully, it is becoming more and more socially acceptable to have an elite companion as your date.


This is because people are discovering that many of the higher profile women are warm, educated, intelligent women they might meet in life. They are real, genuine women with whom any selective man would want to spend an evening or dinner date. And they only go on a few dates a year, so they’re always fresh, feminine and authentic. No robotic ‘servicing’ here!


The main reason why an elite companion makes a great business trip or dinner date is that they won’t press any demands on your time and energy. She will be ready when and where your business dealings will be held. Simple contact us well in advance to consult. We can go through some options, where you can select the perfect woman for you. Everything is booked and prepared, and your trip or event will go as smoothly as a regular date – with a guarantee!


Unlike having to plan an excursion with a long-term serious partner, you won’t have to worry about your date’s own travel plans, business itinerary, or even choice of entertainment, dining, or accommodations (though of course considering her choice is a polite touch if you have time). Hiring an elite companion will guarantee that you will be in complete control of the whole dating experience. When things are completed, and your wonderful experience together is through, you can leave on good terms, with no expectations to stay in touch or even see each other again if you don’t want. You can call in 2 months’tine and she’ll still be happy to see you, without pressuring you as to where you’ve been, with whom you’ve been, or when you’ll call again!


It’s no surprise that many men are now choosing to hire an elite companion to accompany them during their business trips, as opposed to bringing a current girlfriend or casual friend. If they want to have a companion for the whole business trip, from start to finish, their elite companion will happily oblige. And there is no pressure on him to be anything but himself the entire time. He can be as quiet or as cavalier as he likes.


He can pretend to be in love with her for a very romantic yet safe engagement. He can leave her alone all day while he attends to business or personal things, then arrange to meet her for dinner at night, or simply meet her in his room for cocktails, with no complaints. He can go sightseeing with her, or just sit around talking and laughing. Whatever experience he’s looking to enjoy can be provided.


If he only wants the companionship during their time in an unfamiliar country, he can also choose that option, whether she’s a local travel tour guide, or an equally foreign yet well-traveled Miss who can accompany him there. In other words, it’s your own convenience and comfort that will be the priority of your elite companion. She’s there just for you, to make you happy. And she will do her best to thoroughly enjoy her time with you too! (Of course you’re still expected to behave as a considerate gentleman; she is, after all, still a woman).


Finally, many men are choosing to be with an elite companion because they are guaranteed privacy and safety, and this is very important for men who are in politics or entertainment, or those with a high profile identity, and who might not want their personal lives being put in the spotlight. Most high end companions will sign a non-disclosure agreement upon being hired, and the agency is sworn to secrecy by legal understanding, so you’re safe and sound to contact them and arrange a date. You’d be super-surprised to find out which household names and famous faces actually do call these agencies regularly!