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Our GFE escorts and luxury companions are truly special.

We hire only accomplished talent – models, actresses, performers and successful
career women. They’re hired for their amazing warmth, beauty, intelligence and
class. They’re then developed to be unforgettable, while keeping their own unique nature.

vip model escort talent, high end travel companions and high profile celebrity escorts


At the request of many of our escort ladies, we are a Members-Only site to protect our ladies’ privacy. As the internet becomes less and less anonymous, many successful women and models with big careers are aware of protecting their confidentiality. Contact Us to view more.

As a non-Member, you have access to 100% genuine and recent images of our first level of models (career ladies, some performers, some commercial models). As a Member, you have access to higher profile models and top talent, priority over non-Members, access to special packages, and can view more images and more video.

Most high profile and accomplished models cannot show their real images online, so our Member area is the best way to view. Please contact us to request your preferred membership and view some of our incredible talent.


Preview of Mystique Companions travel escort models



VIP escort models for dinner and trsvelProtecting our talent’s privacy and being transparent with our callers, while avoiding trouble makers is a fine line to tread! This is where exclusive Membership can be beneficial, however some gentlemen who aren’t aware of our high quality reputation can be reluctant to settle a Membership with a new company. We respect that.

However VIP models & actresses can feel anxious and exposed, when they simply want to enjoy an exciting secret dating life and some occasional extra income discreetly.

Privacy is a priority for all of us, and talent with an accomplished career are especially concerned about not jeopardizing their reputations; people’s preconceived ideas about companionship can be rather nasty…

Therefore, our very secret and private escort agency dating service has struck a compromise – some talent are available for non-Members to view, and others are exclusively available to Members only.

You can meet many models as a non-Member, however full galleries and higher profile talent are available to VIP Members only. Thank you for understanding.



All our lovely elite escort models are categorized into 3 different galleries, reflecting her overall quality.  5 Star Elite Escorts | 6 Star VIP Escorts & Celebrity talent. (You can see further details on the fees page). Top model escorts and elite actress courtesans can be accessed with Mystique Companions agency as a VIP Member.

Meet educated, beautiful career women, smart top fashion models, vivacious Instagram models, gorgeous actresses, female celebrity escorts, stunning successful female entrepreneurs and CEOs, first class/ private jet flight attendants, feminine artists, talented chefs, accomplished sexy lawyers & doctors, super-yacht stewardesses, intelligent beauty queens and high class socialites. Super yacht staff escorts are a very popular request! A head stewardess will be most attentive and helpful during a meeting or travel trip with you.

To meet a recognizable model or actress, just contact us to arrange Membership, and be amazed & delighted. Please remember we offer elite travel companions and expensive dinner dates. If you’re looking for a low cost or a last-minute meeting, please contact a different international VIP escort agency. We have an overnight minimum.

Enjoy a beautiful, refined dinner date or exclusive, fit travel companion. Luxury VIP model talent to escort  selective gentlemen to dinner and beyond. 


We are extremely selective and protective of our talent and clients. We are a secret Members only club, where the VIPs and UHNWI come to meet with premium models. To have access to the beautiful GFE escort models, and meet luxury premium quality women, please contact us directly for information.

* Please read our quick ESCORT ETIQUETTE GUIDE here *


Mystique Companions elite travel concierge services and high end escort models are not for everyone. Some people may consider our elite escorts expensive. There are certainly many alternatives for lower budgets elsewhere. Everybody seeks a different type of companion, and there’s a market for almost all of them! Below is some more information regarding high class escorts, elite courtesans, travel companions and introductions to single women in the hopes of building a relationship.

How Do I Book A High Class Escort?

Meeting a Mystique Companions elite escort will require you to seek out special ladies, not available to just anyone – the highest quality, which is secondary to price. But booking a traditional high class escort at most escort agencies couldn’t be simpler. If you are looking for a low-priced brief service, or a fairly nonchalant encounter, you can go to any escort agency who will give you a large selection of faces available to visit your hotel or home for a drink within 30-40 minutes of your call.

1. Search online for elite escorts in your area. (eg high class escorts London, high class escorts New York, high class escorts Los Angeles, etc.)

2. Look at all the galleries, and see which ladies seem interesting to you. Read through her online bio to see her age, height, and other aspects you may be looking for. You can make a list of girls to contact each agency about. Don’t forget to make a note of which agency she works for. She may work for multiple escort agencies to maximize her income. All the Mystique Companions escorts are exclusive to our agency, looking to meet only selected clients.

3. Contact the GFE escort agencies in question (either by phone or email, as you prefer), and they will answer you as soon as they are able. If you need someone with short notice, it’s best to call. If you have time to plan a date, you can email, so they can send you back photos, quotes and information.

4. Be polite and explain to the agency what kind of female escort you’d like to meet. Always behave in a respectful manner and be a gentleman if you expect them to send you one of their models or escort ladies. Every agency will have its own standards, rules and demographic of society to which it caters. Find one that suits your own style. Some people prefer more casual level, some prefer more sophistication. Do a little research.

5. Once you have decided on which high class escort you want to meet, let the company know you would like to meet her. They will let you know what their procedures are. Some agencies like you to pay the model, some prefer a deposit first, and some have higher level models who don’t like to accept payment, and expect the agency to settle the payment like an Escrow agent. Settle the fee and the agency will arrange the meeting on the date you want.

6. At the time of meeting, depending on what kind of escort model you booked, prepare yourself. Always be hygienic, freshly showered and groomed as you would for any date. Dress like you’re going to a big job interview or a high class event. Make an effort, as she will be doing for you. If you’ve booked an upmarket dinner date, make sure you’ve checked her preferences with the agency, and booked a lovely restaurant. Be available on your phone or email, so the agency can let you know when they model escort in approaching. Greet her politely and respectfully, like any normal date.

7. Speak to the lady as a person, be a gentleman, offer her a drink. Behave with her like any other woman you’d invite to have dinner or drinks with you. Be cool. She’ll set the pace. If you’re going to dinner, have a drink first to break the ice and get to know each other.

8. Allow the high class escort to set the pace of the evening, and follow her lead. Enjoy your time together as you both wish, offer her a clean fresh bathroom in which to freshen up anytime she wants, and bid her a fond farewell when she is leaving. Whether she stays to keep you company for an hour, or you talk and giggle all night til breakfast, be a considerate host, and she will be a caring companion.


Where Can I Find A Genuine Elite Companion, VIP Escort Talent, or Celebrity Escort Model, As Opposed To A Traditional Escort Girl?


Not every company offers genuinely elite companions, even though many claim to. We like to offer both affordable escorts for those seeking a wonderful connection without breaking the bank, and VIP escort models from the runway and Hollywood.

You can search for terms such as elite model escorts, elite escorts [city], high end companions, luxury travel companion, VIP escort model, international elite escort, etc. Some of the ways to find an elite companion who is a real GFE companion, are here:

1. Availability: A genuinely elite companion will rarely be available for just an hour or less; that will be a mainstream or traditional escort girl, often referred to as a ‘high class escort’. They meet a lot of men and therefore soon lose their freshness & femininity to some degree. Though she will certainly be confident.

If you find a companion who respects herself and requests a dinner date minimum so she can get to know you a bit first to connect with you, then she may be suitable. These girls prefer not to meet hundreds of men. Therefore they have higher fees and minimum times, so they don’t have to meet more than the few very nice gentlemen. They stay fresh by meeting less people, and generally do not become robotic. Though that ultimately depends on the lady herself. And her clients are willing to pay more for that exclusivity.

2. Timing: A woman with class does not go out alone at 1am or 2am.. If this service is available to start at all hours of the night, they’re offering a traditional escort service, not an elite companionship. A luxury companion doesn’t provide merely brief physical services. She caters for VIPs, cultured sophisticated gentlemen, and she doesn’t offer middle-of-the-night visits. (The exception to this rule may be if her caller is a known regular caller who arrives late due to a late flight,, arranges a chauffeur to collect her, and accommodates her til the morning, where it is safer to travel home. This would be agreed to at the discretion of the model.)

3. Intelligence: While an official degree is excellent, and a genuinely elite women usually has a minimum of a Bachelor degree, often a Masters or PhD degree, official education doesn’t always guarantee intelligence. A high end, successful woman is always intelligent, regardless of her ‘education’. It takes more than luck and looks to be at the top of your game. She’s usually relatively well-bred, and if she’s shown her commitment to achieving at least one proper university degree, then all the better.

While there are different levels of intelligence, completing a university degree says a lot about a person’s ability to commit to something and achieve a long term goal. And while some general escort girls may have degrees, if she offers herself by the hour, she is not really a luxury courtesan, and is only interested in making money, not connecting with special people. There is a market for that – there’s a market for all types of adult entertainers and companions, it just depends what you seek. Each agency tends to gravitate to its own demographic of talent and callers. And they act as mediator, introducing female talent to wealthy gentlemen, who will suit each other. Know what you want, and find a suitable escort agency, travel concierge bureau or elite companion agency that can provide it for you.

4. Presentation: A luxury companion usually wears designer labels as a matter of respect for herself and her date. She is always immaculate, well groomed in every way, and always modest and understated. Elite courtesan talent will never be seen in a barely-there mini-skirt, a nightclub dress, a very low-cut top, or torn/ flesh-showing areas of clothing. Her make up will be natural, her nails perfect, and her attire pressed and tidy. Her grace and femininity will be apparent on sight. She carries herself with beautiful posture and deportment, and is always appropriately behaved. You can smell class a mile away. Plenty of regular escort girls will wear designer clothes, but they may not carry themselves with the class of a courtesan model. The clothes do not make the man, as they say.

5. Conversation: An elite travel companion is well versed on many topics, namely because she’s well traveled. She will have excellent knowledge of current affairs, of history, art, and literature. She’ll be well read, politely opinionated, with knowledge of wines and music, both classical and modern. She’ll be very well traveled (not just within her own continent), and will have plenty to offer in conversation on any topic. She’ll never sit awkwardly with nothing to say. You can enjoy good humor, innuendo, discussion or a good-natured debate, as you both wish. She won’t use “like” every two minutes, and she’ll be interesting – more often than not, she’ll in fact be quite fascinating.

6. Health: A genuinely high end companion does not smoke, or disparage her beautiful body with illicit drugs, heavy drinking, binge eating, unhealthy junk food or other unsafe practices. She is a well rounded, upscale woman with self esteem, who takes excellent care of her health. She works out religiously, eats very carefully, and only drinks a small amount occasionally, if that. She doesn’t need to be affected by substances, to enjoy herself. She’s living on a higher frequency to the average woman, and her intellect would not allow her to put herself in unhealthy or unsafe conditions. That’s not to say the odd cigarillo or cigar with drinks isn’t acceptable, it’s just not a habit or a lifestyle.

Those are some of the things to look for when booking a genuine companion or elite travel escort. Contact us to meet some of the elite companion talent we’ve carefully selected for you.


Where Can I Find The Best Travel Companions?

An elite travel companion escort is someone who will either meet you in another city while you are on a business trip or vacation, or someone who will travel to visit you in your own locale. Having the company of a companion in this respect is highly beneficial, for many reasons, least of all having someone to share things with and increase your enjoyment of your spare time. But where to meet these talented angels? What’s the best source of travel companion talent? And how do you know you’ve found the best travel companion for you?

1. There are VIP travel companions all over the world, but finding the best ones takes some research. First look for Experience. While you don’t want a robotic ‘experienced’ companion, you DO want someone who is an experienced traveler. There is nothing worse than dealing with a lost, annoyed or whinging companion escort who finds travel tedious or scary or new. Find well traveled, luxury courtesan talent to be your elite travel companion, nothing less.

2. Look for Discretion. If you’re staying in a luxury hotel or resort, you will not want an ‘obvious’ looking escort girl arriving, loud and flashy, making it very clear to everyone why she is there and what she does for a living. The best top travel companions are understated, naturally beautiful, in proportion, well groomed and dressed to look neat and tasteful life a girlfriend. They don’t have huge fake boobies, obvious or ratty hair extensions, long brightly colored fake nails, orange fake tan, short tight nightclub dresses etc etc. They look authentic, elegant, tasteful, ‘normal’, and pleasant. Looking at her, nobody would guess she is a professional travel companion or elite escort. When she is settled by the pool reading a book, she simply looks like a well educated, successful model or businesswoman. Nothing more. When she is out with you, she looks like a girlfriend, not like a mis-matched paid companion!

3. Seek Knowledge. A well traveled companion will have a lot of local knowledge about many cities, having visited many places. Certainly she won’t know EVERY city in the world, however she will have decent international experience in high end travel – you simply select a lady who knows about the city in which you will be staying. A visiting model is fine, if she knows the city well. Or a model companion who has previously lived in the city would do nicely too – even one who originally came from there! Elite models & VIP escort talent who are discreet and knowledgeable about luxury travel will make the best international travel companion choice.

4. The best kind of travel companions have a great Attitude. She should be cheerful and friendly, easy going and fun. A normal, well balanced personality with polite manners and good social skills. You don’t want someone who will be moody, angry, rude, arrogant, or cause any kind of embarrassment for you in public, or at your luxury hotel! In this respect, it is always best to pay a premium for a properly raised, educated young lady as your international companion, who will not cause you to cringe at any time.

Calling an elite travel companion company, and being clear on your preferences will ensure your time together is unforgettable.


How Do I Get A Real GFE?

VIP escort model information for travel.A GFE (girlfriend experience) is a genuine-feeling date with an authentic woman. Not an escort girl who goes through the robotic motions, but a very warm, friendly and caring person from a normal background and lifestyle, who shows you she really feels affection for you as a person. Genuine care.

Someone with whom you can indulge in a fantastic conversation and enjoy a movie, share ideas and difficult moments, and even go undetected to events, where she will seem exactly like your girlfriend. Where do you find these authentic GFE women?

1. You can try general escort agencies, but not all of them know what a GFE entails, and will simply send an outgoing, friendly escort girl. Not always as discreet as you might like. It depends on what you want the GFE for, a relaxed night at home, a social event, or a meaningful heart-to-heart and some advice.

2. Ideally, look for an agency that specializes in GFE services in your city, and be open and honest with the agency about what you seek. The ladies will all be naturally pretty and many will be quite ‘girl next door’. Whether you like a glamorous model ‘girlfriend’, or a more down to earth one, they will all be pretty, fit and appealing, with a truly warm nature and elegant conduct.

3. Your conduct will make a big difference to how open and relaxed your courtesan GFE will be. Whether you seek a GFE in London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York etc, you will find them much more eager to make sure you enjoy yourself, if you are polite, like a boyfriend. Yes it goes both ways! The kind of GFE LA offers will different from the GFE NYC offers, however all women who identify as GFE companions will be truly caring, and genuinely want you to have a wonderful time.

4. If you feel she is only there for money, and you’re not connecting in any real way, it is best to cancel the meeting, and wait until you meet someone who is truly authentic in their connection with you. She should be able to be herself regardless of which city she comes from, and strike up an exciting chemistry with you. Otherwise what’s the point..?

5. An agency like ours (Mystique Companions) offers genuine GFE service talent, within a courtesan travel companionship or dinner date atmosphere. You can expect the highest quality models and actresses, with no ‘attitude’ in sight. You will meet naturally beautiful, fresh, elegant, polite, discreet, clean and warm-hearted women with successful careers. They are friendly, attentive, fascinating and intelligent. The perfect girlfriend companion for your GFE date.

Finding a real GFE or girlfriend experience is simply a matter of good research, and a bit of trial and error. When you find a company that provides the type of girl you like, you will always have a nice selection of GFE courtesan escorts to keep you company on your travels.


What Is The Best VIP Escort Agency For Meeting Celebrity Escorts?

An introduction agency can operate differently from a companion agency, in that it is introducing single ladies to you with a view to a long term relationship. Some ladies like to date casually, and some are ultimately looking for someone they can link with & eventually marry, whether as a benefactor or as a boyfriend.

Finding a good introduction agency can be difficult, depending on what kind of woman you’re looking for. For a less heavy commitment, you might find a very luxury VIP companion agency can provide you with something between cheap escorts and full time relationships. Some high end companion agencies will offer dating with elite VIP escort talent who are available for long term ‘relationships’, from 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. These elite escort women are pursuing full time careers and are happy to share their lives with someone for an extended period of time while she is building her future, with no expectations. You may both end the relationship at any time, or indeed carry it further if you happen to fall in love.

Once you meet a pretty girl you genuinely like, with whom you get along well for a night, a weekend, a week, then it can be a great idea to book her exclusively as your long term partner. This gives you a guarantee of high quality company for months, as a genuine relationship, only compensated. If that goes well, you may find you’re in love, and you can carry her off as your potential bride.

You may balk at the idea of paying for a long term gf arrangement, however consider how much you spend on dates, dinners, jewellery, handbags & clothing, hotels or apartments/ cars and such with a regular girlfriend – or worse, the cost of an expensive divorce from a partnership that goes wrong : (

The reason working with a VIP companion talent agency is better than just meeting and dating random women, is because these are ladies who have been sought after, raised well, and trained in deportment. They are high quality, successful in their careers, clean, intelligent and beautiful. The kind of women you dream of meeting. She just has a few years to spare and chooses an arrangement contributing to her success, rather than wasting her time on men who have no intention of building anything with her. This way she uses that time with an honest and beneficial arrangement, rather than being heart-broken.

To meet and become closer to a woman of this caliber, as in life, she needs to be kept in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed. So you’d need to not only cover her long term fee (packages available), but also provide her with luxury accommodations, and a decent expense allowance. Still no more than a regular girlfriend, only this one doesn’t ask a lot of questions, and doesn’t lose her mind if you don’t contact her in a few days. No demands for marriage, commitment etc. It’s a perfect arrangement. And when either of your are ready to move on, there are no hard feelings. It’s an honest arrangement.

She will live as your full time girlfriend, and be available exclusively for you. The MAIN BENEFIT of entering into this relationship arrangement, is that there is no obligation. None whatsoever. If, at the end of your arrangement, you decide there is no future, or no need for you to keep the relationship going, you simply close the arrangement. There is no messy breakup, no drama, no offense, no tears or stress. On either side. The pleasures of an elite companion service! Especially a long term companion. Long term escort talent can often be the solution for a busy man with no time for a genuine relationship, but no interest in meeting hundreds of different women.

Many people make arrangements for a year, or sometimes book a new model every 3 months, and he then has a ‘wife’ available to him anytime, for events, for dining together, for potential romance, without all the commitment, no messy intermingling of assets, no messy breakup.

Knowing that you can leave anytime without dramas can take the pressure off you both, and allow you to truly enjoy each other’s company in a longer-than-usual relationship, because you owe each other nothing. What is the cost of a relationship that doesn’t work out…? Financially, emotionally, mentally..? Sometimes it is less expensive to simply arrange an introduction, and settle an arrangement with the one you click with best. Contact us today.


How Can I Meet Women In My City?

This is a common question among gentlemen who are too busy to meet people. You are a vital, sensual, sociable person who is just working on his career or company, and with no time to socialize or invest in meeting new people. The usual ‘dance’ to get to know a woman can take far too much time out of your day. So we’ve selected, screened and refined the selections for you. Getting from A to B goes much faster this way!

Whether you’re working in London, living in New York, visiting Los Angeles, schmoozing around Paris or banking in Zurich, you can absolutely meet women without any difficulty. So how can you meet beautiful women??

1. Introduction agencies – Introduction agencies will charge you a fee to become a member of then agency, then set you up on dates with all the women on their books. More often than not, the women will not be models or particularly stunning, however you may find a very genuine and lovely woman available for dates when you’re in town. Of course and Introduction agency is usually for people seeking romance and marriage. If you aren’t ready to be committed to anyone anytime soon, this might not be the best option for you.

2. Online Dating – It’s unlikely that anyone truly enjoys the wasted time of going through endless profiles, more than likely fake or time wasters, to try to meet someone who sounds interesting and worth dating. If you don’t have time for dating, you sure don’t have time for online dating! Since it’s well known that most online dating profiles are fake, or just women looking for a rich man to latch onto, this may not be the best idea. Though an amusing way to pass the time on a boring Saturday evening, we think you can find a better way to spend that time!

3. Friends Setup – Oh the awkwardness and embarrassment. What if it works out – your friends may get juicy details about your personal life from this woman before you hit it off, and be obligated to treat her perfectly, knowing all your friends are watching and will potentially become involved if there are any difficulties. If it doesn’t work out – again, your friends will most likely get all the personal details of your personal life, what happened, what the women thinks is wrong with you, etc. If you go out with them again she might be there.. It can be very awkward and uncomfortable. whether it goes well or not, you always have an audience, and judges on the sidelines. No thanks.

4. Clubs and bars – This can be fun for a night out, however it’s not usually the best place to meet a quality companion or date. A casual date, a one-night stand, an interesting experiment, perhaps. But not a long term prospect. And once again, you’ll most likely be meeting a woman who, at some point, will be looking for a long term relationship. You habve to play the games, avoid the calls, make the excuses, the obligatory flowers/ gifts/ calls.. All the social niceties, which take up so much time.

5. Regular (traditional) escorts – Taking the pressure off the obligation, you can call a high class escort for a dinner date here and there. There’s certainly a market for this. However these woman are usually available not only for dinner dates, but for many, many brief and meaningless bookings by-the-hour. Hardly fresh or authentic company. Hardly an enjoyable thought. There will potentially be some suitable ladies whose company you might enjoy, but it may be a gamble. On the plus side, you can enjoy brief limited meetings like a lot of the other men who call her. If you don’t particularly care for conversation, connection, mental intimacy, then a brief hour or two may be quite suited to you. This will hardly give any real fulfillment however, to a decent man seeking a beautiful connection and girlfriend experience.

6. Courtesan companions, travel companions, elite escorts or a VIP escort model – a step up from the high class escort, the elite courtesan companion or VIP travel escort meets far less gentlemen per year, so she is more like a genuine date. However she is not expecting you to be her ‘boyfriend’. Call when you like, don’t think about it in between. No obligation, no pressure, no expectation.


Whether you book a dinner date evening or a weekend together every now and then, or decide to book her long term as your ‘permanent’ companion for months, there is zero expectation for the connection to go any further. The ideal honest relationship.

When she’s ready for a committed relationship, or meets someone special, she can move on and have that with someone who wants it, or you may find after a few months that something begins to grow between you, and you both decide it’s time to invest further – but the point is that there is no expectation for that.

You won’t find women of this caliber in bars, introduction agencies or regular high class escort service offices. One of the best options for affluent, successful gentlemen who either don’t want or don’t have time for a long term relationship, a long term courtesan arrangement is just what the doctor ordered.

The cost of a relationship vs the cost of a business relationship can often be negligible in the end, and an elite courtesan escort is less emotionally draining. She’s not demanding or expecting anything from you. It’s a mutually enjoyable, mutually fair arrangement, where all your options are open. The perfect temporary relationship.

Only suited to the successful and selective gentleman, you could end up with a movie starlet for a girlfriend for a year or so. Don’t you ever wonder where all these businessmen meet and date stunning actresses and models? Take a guess ; )  They’ll never tell you.

Hopefully that list gives you a good foundation on where you can meet beautiful women in your city. Whether you’re in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Sydney, Zurich or on a tropical vacation island like Maldives, you can always meet a beautiful companion to travel to you/ with you, or to join you for a romantic dinner. Contact us now to meet some of the gorgeous talent available only to the most elite gentlemen.


Where Can I Meet Beautiful Single Women?

The most enjoyable way to meet truly beautiful women is to contact a very exclusive and upmarket courtesan companion agency like Mystique Companions. You can choose your own type of woman, whether for a dinner date or a week of travel, whether the same model each time to build on your connection, or a new model every time, finding new excitement in the beauty of each new face.

You have choices, for variety or connection, and absolutely no obligations, danger, stress, pressure or health concerns. No attitudes, drugs, embarrassing attire, unpleasant personalities, uneducated/ common types etc! Expect a fresh, amiable, easy to talk to beauty, who is fit, healthy, warm, educated and clean – no strings. The ultimate choice for the successful gentleman who appreciates the beauty of women.


How Do I Build A Relationship After Divorce?

Building anything after a divorce is difficult. But you still need companionship and dating to keep you sane, and reintroduce you gently to the dating world. Rather than building anything immediately, you might consider booking an elite model for your personal escort to dinner, or for the weekend. The main points to meeting beautiful women after divorcing, whether courtesans or regular women, are:

1. Avoid staying home all the time: You could become bored, stuck in your ways, or mentally depressed/ depleted. Keeping yourself isolated is not healthy, even though it may feel safe (like a lion licking his wounds). Try to get out and do things, even if it’s walking around the block, or going to do things alone. Don’t stay inside, eating/ drinking/ watching tv etc. Take care of yourself, regardless of how you feel. Self-care will make you start to feel better in time.

2. Avoid being out all the time: On the other hand, you don’t want to throw yourself into your 20’s socializing patterns again. Nobody wants to be the old guy at the club or bar… It’s pathetic, let’s face it. A bit mid-life crisis. Certainly go have a drink with friends sometimes, but don’t be ‘that guy’, hitting on endless women and over-compensating. Stay cool. Stay in control. Have dinners, go for drinks, watch the game, have daytime outings, go to the cinema; do things that keep you busy if you need to, without trying too, too hard to be ‘normal’ again. Stay home some nights and cook dinner for yourself, enjoy a movie or TV show, write, read, listen to music, have friends over. Chill. You have nothing to prove to yourself or anyone else.

3. Avoid negative friends: There are always a few, who keep you thinking in a negative pattern, due to their negative comments. Whether they’re putting you down, like everything is your fault, or they’re bitter against women, having experienced their own pattern of misfortune, they need to be avoided. Negativity will skew your recovery. There are thousands of happy couples in the world, so clearly not ALL women/ relationships are bad or doomed. You just had an incompatibility/ bad luck. A mature man recovers healthily, and moves forward with better knowledge, and using what he learned for self-improvement. Look objectively at your faults and responsibilities within the failed relationship, acknowledge your qualities and strengths, and consider what you can do better next time, if you meet someone you like, who makes you feel fulfilled. Continue to love and accept yourself as you are.

4. Keep positive people around you: As opposed to #3, you want to keep in regular contact with positive, uplifting people. Enlightened and emotionally developed people. Their energy will rub off on you and keep your mood hopeful. Don’t over-load or drain them, as your energy is rubbing off on them too… But when you want to be around people, make sure they’re a positive affect on you. Then your energy can rise to meet theirs.

5. Consider talking about your frustrations and feelings: Courtesans are perfect for this – they’re anonymous, with great advice! She has usually traveled a lot and had a LOT of really interesting conversations. She also reads extensively, and has education in many areas. She will often have some very wise, objective words to comfort you and give you some direction. Getting a woman’s point of view can be very beneficial in understanding what went wrong, what might have been your contribution, and how to cope with anything your ex-partner did or said. You can also find some kind comfort from a female, after potentially years of ill treatment.

6. Get on with your life. Find goodness in everything – you’re free! The possibilities and opportunities open to you now are endless. You can be and do anything you want, and go anywhere you like. It’s an enviable position to be in, when some people are fairly caged. Re-learn what you like and don’t like, without considering someone else’s opinion. Live how you want to for awhile, and just BE. It’s very cathartic and freeing to just be a guy, without pressure, instruction, complaints, expectations and stress. This could well be the biggest blessing of your life, and allow you to grow as a man! Life will go on. Thousands of people go through this every year all over the world, and they all recover and move forward. Just don’t try to be 20 again. Be yourself. Alone and free for awhile. A lone lion. Take your time to survey your territory. Don’t jump back into a relationship too soon. Just Be.

7. If you feel you’re stuck or having trouble moving forward, speak to a licensed therapist, councilor or psychologist. A few sessions of discussing things and finding ways to cope and think differently about it, may help you to move forward into a new chapter of your life.

Hopefully some of these articles of information can assist you in living the life you deserve – fulfilled, full of love and kindness, and vibrating at a higher energy frequency than low depression or negativity!


Viewing the VIP escort models is no longer an option without Casual or Classic Membership, however you can read about them here, in the five star and six star/ celebrity galleries.


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