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Thank you for considering Mystique Companions International as your representative and agent for discreet, private introductions to refined gentlemen. We first want to reassure you that we are a legitimate, professional company, operated by friendly, experienced, considerate people. Nobody will try to deceive you or upset in any way. We believe in Karma!

** Confidentiality and security are our highest priorities. We work with highly successful women; top models, actresses, top CEOs, accomplished businesswomen and career professionals (such as Doctors, large company Directors, TV presenters etc.) We also accept the occadionsl academic, artist, chef etc.

To apply for talent representation with Mystique Companions, please ensure your career is your focus. Companionship should be a side-venture, not your main career. If so, please read on.


Again, we hold your privacy in top priority. We do not show photos online, we do not show your photos after you have left, we do not send your photos out to random people. We work with a lot of individuals whose careers need to be protected no matter what. We haven’t had any disclosure problems since launching in 1999. We never expect you to do anything you don’t want to do, or go where you don’t want to go.

Having said that, we must also be very selective with our escort talent, and our selection process has only 50% to do with how you look/ your career status. Other qualities are also important.

Careful support & excellent security is always provided. We need to be selective to continue to maintain our reputation for introducing only the finest women to the finest gentlemen. This is turn allows us to continue attracting the finest gentlemen for our ladies.

Please be assured that all information shared with us is 100% confidential, viewed only by top management. We do not retain records, nor have any interest in interrupting anyone’s peaceful life. Privacy and confidentiality are a huge priority for all of us, as well as respect. We’d never want anyone to have difficulties because of us.

** Our selection process is based on what our clients like, so please be honest, as we will assess you in a personal interview also, and our clients will complain immediately if your bio does not match your personal presence. Most of our clients are regular return callers of the agency, so they know our standards, and what to expect. The worst we can say is ‘I’m sorry your application was unsuccessful – but we can still be friends!’ ; )

If you’d like to be able to pay all your bills, buy the luxury things you like, live in a comfortable home and enjoy traveling, a position as an occasional elite cocktail date or travel companion can help you do that – in a fun, safe environment.

Some people want to save capital for a business, or to help their families financially. It can all be possible with Mystique Companions International Talent Agency. You can work with us from any city in the world. If you match our requirements below, we’d love to hear from you!

While this table may seem a little direct, it is the most efficient way to avoid wasting each other’s time!
To be represented with us, you:


A genuine, warm personality.An arrogant or inconsiderate attitude, thinking you are better than others
Extremely fit & toned physique, in good proportionOverweight or extremely underweight physique
A very successful career, whether high profile or only visible via search engine. (eg. model, actress, Instagram model (over 500k followers), TV presenter/ host, TV star, CEO, renowned health professional, renowned real estate, renowned artist etc. You must be able to be searched online, and have been published. A profile on a model or talent website is inadequate.No successful professional position like CEO, doctor, director, head stewardess, or high end modeling/ acting/ performance career. We specialize in matching very high quality talent with selective, discerning gentlemen. Students and regular ladies are not requested by our callers.
An age range of 20-40An age of less than 19, or greater than 40
A very beautiful faceA less than flawless complexion, features unsuitable for modelling, or imperfect teeth – it’s just what our clients tend to mention.
A healthy, flawless complexion all overLots of visible tattoos, acne, scars of any kind, piercings other than ears and navel. Very discreet tattoos are ok, though most callers don’t like any tattoos.
Dedication to a healthy, wholesome lifestyle, eating plan and fitness regimeEating disorders, mental issues regarding weight, size or self confidence. Drug taking, even occasional/ social. Drinking problems (alcohol). ‘Partying’ all the time (ie every week or more)
An all-natural body; natural-looking and feeling gel or fat breast enhancement can be acceptable. Obviously nose work is fine; very conservative fillers/ lipo etc for smoothing tiny imperfections are acceptable.Obvious-looking or too-firm breast enhancement, out of proportion enhancements on any part of your body, over-filled lips or face, face frozen with botox, scars from any other surgery or accident. No judgement, we just can’t find you companion or travel work with these issues. Our callers are very selective.
100% female from birthTranssexual female who was not born female – no judgement, it is just not what our clients are looking for.
An open mind and low personal space boundariesA closed or rigid mindset, easily arguing, intolerance of others’ beliefs and preferences, overly opinionated and aggressive, the inability to be close to people, or dislike of affection or romance.
A love of people and deep appreciation for men and masculinityA preference for women more than men, a dislike of getting to know someone/ meeting new people, dislike of socializing, issues with bitterness over multiple broken relationships or events involving males. A hatred of/ bitterness towards men in general.
Ideally you should have a valid passport and the ability to travel freelyMajor visa restrictions. (This is not necessarily a deal breaker; check with us – all moot during the pandemic issues in any case!)
A perfect, fluent grasp of English, well spoken pronunciation, articulate; additional languages a bonusBroken English. A pleasant accent is acceptable, but unfortunately terrible grammar/ speech is not. If the client can’t understand you, or your accent is that of a lower education/ lesser socio-economic demographic, it will not be a very pleasant or interesting exchange for his fee. Take some elocution lessons to improve any accent you don’t like. This is just something our callers often mention.
An appreciation of quality, value, personal integrity and classLow level of manners and inappropriate conduct, preference for ‘cheap’ clothing and bargains, a greed for money. If your only concern is “what’s my cut”, please don’t apply, you have missed the point. Your ‘cut’ isn’t touched by the agency. Our clients seek someone focused on them, not on their income. This naturally brings more bookings for you…
An honest, authentic, open natureA dishonest, cheating, selfish or deceitful nature. Looking out only for yourself, rather than being a team player. Being too private/ hiding things unnecessarily. We don’t want to pry, but secrets never work well when building a relationship based on trust, in business or otherwise.
An ability and desire to always be reliable, prompt, and available when you say.An inability to be reliable, always late, unavailable when you say you will be available. Not showing up or being late, when a client has taken the time to book an appointment with you, is grounds for polite dismissal.
Positivity! The ability to choose to be happy and friendly. A genuine interest in building business relationships, working closely with the company, and ensuring both you and your client have a sensational time, every time. Representing the company to the best of your ability.A negative outlook, finding problems with everything, a pattern for complaining and looking at the bad side of things, expecting the worst. Interest in yourself only, nonchalance regarding your client’s well being, comfort, safety or happiness. Dismissal of the company’s reputation. Focus on how much money you’re making, and forgetting why you are there in the first place : )


We look forward to hearing from warm-hearted, clean, friendly, authentic female talent with excellent manners and poise.
Have a sensational week!

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