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Private VIP Membership for Discerning gentlemen. Be catered to like royalty, and let us surpass all your expectations.

Join our exclusive Travel Club companion membership.

Mystique Companions is a Members Only company. Our private Members travel club is made up of successful, savvy and refined HNWI gentlemen who demand only the finest in every area of life.
Attracted by our stringent model selections, exceptional customer service, and attention to detail, we cater for some very big names with 100% confidentiality. Our Members Only status means we can give 100% care and attention to our callers who seek luxury and excellence. Membership ensures we aren't wasting energy on time wasters.
All our callers are considered VIPs to us, and treated as such with superb personal attention.
Enter our secure, fiercely protected inner circle, and enjoy the experiences you deserve.


Please understand that your Membership payment is an advance deposit, not a fee. Your Membership deposit is a credit for you to use with our models, and is a show of authenticity to them. * With intent to remain as exclusive as possible and eliminate the casual browser/ time waster, our First Tier Membership deposit is US5000 and does not include celebrity introductions. Your Membership deposit is used towards your elite model escort booking fees. It is merely a convenience for you, and a reassurance for the models.
The next tier Private Travel Club Membership deposit for more frequent callers is US20,000. Finally, top tier Membership is US50,000 for the very selective caller, and includes access to celebrity introductions. Contact us for details.
Catering exclusively to the selective, successful gentleman, we keep you updated at all times on your balance. All fees are agreed to by you as usual, before being deducted. You Member fee can be used in full against invitations to models, and includes attentive personal care, access to models' images and videos, and many other concierge benefits.
For our exclusive members, prompt and personal attention is our number one priority. Complimentary itineraries and reservations are made at your request for facilitating smooth and enjoyable meetings with the models of your choice.
VIP connections for private shopping, yacht and jet charter are also provided on request. Of course you can also enjoy introduction to some of our most exclusive famous models, actresses and performers, several of which are too famous to list online.
For their discretion, we introduce celebrity escort models & actresses personally to top tier Members Only. There are different levels of celebrities, which we can discuss with you at your convenience.
Become an elite member of our private travel companion club.

To join our exclusive, discreet VIP Travel Club, and become a preferred and valued member, please contact us to inquire on info@mystiquecompanions.com - Enjoy 100% confidential access to some of the finest models, actresses, performers and top career girls in the world.


If you feel Membership is not for you, we politely wish you the best elsewhere. Mystique models are not for everyone, and are strictly available for introduction to Members Only.
  • priority attention and personalized introductions
  • access to all available and exclusive models' photos and videos
  • access to members-only vip celebrity models, actresses and performers (top tier Members only)
  • personal concierge for itineraries and reservations for bookings.

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