Escort Fees

fees and rates for time with VIP elite escorts and international travel companions

Mystique Companions is an exclusive dinner date and travel companion company – a short-term dating agency. A lovely, real girlfriend experience (GFE) with elegant beauties and celebrities is available for refined, charming gentlemen seeking high end, warm hearted travel companions.


Our upmarket travel companion models & VIP escort ladies have a dinner-to- breakfast minimum. Take up to 15 hours together, to get to know each other. Alternatively you could book a full day breakfast until dinner date if you prefer sight seeing and lunchtime adventures : )  Please contact us directly for introductions, recommendations and fee quotes. ([email protected])


You may join us as a free member (view 100% authentic and recent images) or as paid member (view all models’ images and video with special packages and priority). Models’ fees are deducted from paid members’ membership with 10% reduction in pricing.


Our elite and VIP escort companions are interested in getting to know the people they meet, they’re not just interested in quick income from brief meetings with anyone and everyone. Hence our minimum booking times, to keep the models exclusive, and accept only those seeking a mutually respectful, charming and high-end experience.


You may certainly conclude your meeting early, if you seek a more brief dinner date. However the models need to be compensated for their minimum time, + any travel required. She will need a hotel room arranged for her accommodation so she isn’t wandering around alone after dark.


Also, getting to know someone usually takes more than a couple of hours! ; )  There are many other traditional escort agencies offering brief encounters. Thank you for understanding. For Members Information, please click here.


All our models are very beautiful and extremely friendly – no rough, ‘hard’ or unattractive ladies! We carefully confer with you to know your exact preference in many areas – we don’t have many disappointments. : )  We specialize in excellence.


A girlfriend experience (GFE) is captivating, genuine companionship with a free-spirited and friendly woman, who will spend a warm, congenial date with you. She will be authentic and natural, like a real girlfriend, like any normal amazing woman you would invite on a date.


Beautiful, fit, attentive and caring, with a successful career. Our beauties are unmatched. We’re the jackpot of dating services! No more disappointments or rifling through thousands of fake profiles with fake or airbrushed photos. This is a dating agency with 99.9% success!


Have access to un-disguised photos and video of vip dinner escorts by becoming a preferred Member. The Four star escorts, Five star escorts and VIP six star escorts and celebrity escorts’ travel companion time is well worth the fee, for those who seek high quality, true elegance and tasteful class.
Excellent packages are available for longer meeting times.
Casual Members (US500) are authenticated and may to be introduced to most our models with their fee settled each time they book. Classic Members (starting at US50k) are verified and are welcome to be introduced to all our models, having their fees conveniently deducted from their Member retainer.  After forwarding your exclusive Membership fee, you can also arrange to meet any of our VIP escort models.


Any Member credit on your account is used towards your future introductions. Our VIP Members list is comprised of high profile public figures, political figures, royalty, and other UHNWIs. Renowned for discretion, we’re the premium choice for VIPs who seek privacy. We do also cater for non-members, with the usual verification.


Credit card use incurs a small admin transaction fee, and is subject to verification. Transfer costs/ flight costs are in addition to the fees for the model’s time. Legitimate, discreet invoices can be provided; please ask our friendly staff.


Please contact us for a personalized quote for your location. You can book models anywhere in the world, from 12 hours dinner date minimum, 24 or 48 hour vacations, up to 3 months at a time (*with notice). Please contact us directly for fees and quotes.


Celebrity Escort Fees

Our many gorgeous supermodels, covergirls, elegant Instagram sensations and elite Hollywood actresses are available to selective VIP gentlemen seeking the finest, best of the best, crème de la crème – and be assured, they are not ‘stuck up’, nor do they behave like they’re doing you a favor : )  We don’t recruit that kind of applicant.


They’re friendly, warm, lovely women like all our models, with an excitement for meeting high end gentlemen of similar levels of sophistication and success. Unbeknownst to many, it’s actually very difficult for many successful women to meet decent people for dating. So Mystique Members offer her a wonderful, easy way to enjoy her leisure time.


Models and actresses also often endure a rather intermittent and unstable income, due to the non-static nature of the artistic industry. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not making millions. Why not combine her verified dating opportunities with covering her bills? It’s the perfect solution for so many artists, to discreetly be available as a VIP escort.


The celebrity fees begin at US$30,000 for an evening (minimum), and range up to 6 figures.
For A-list celebrities (which is rare to find and will not always be available), the fees begin at US$500,000 and range up to $1,500,000 currently. Available only to verified individuals of appropriate affluence, our celebrity models make a most exciting dinner date or travel companion – turn up to your next event or televised occasion with a recognized face on your arm, and be the man of the hour, envied by all! Better yet, enjoy an intimate, private diner and get to know her one on one; you may have more in common than you think. : )

Many a red carpet VIP event date has been arranged with Mystique Companions; the next time you see a couple together at a red carpet or important event, you may wonder.. Are they friends, lovers, or did they meet through Mystique Companions..?


Travel Companions

For elite travel companion bookings, only direct bank transfer is accepted for account settlement please, 7-9 days in advance of the VIP escort model’s flight. This allows time to select the model you’d like to meet, and for her to clear her schedule. The elite escorts are available to accompany you to any five star hotel or resort location worldwide.


Gallery Levels

The differences in levels relate to our beautiful ladies’ overall quality – education, poise, charm, beauty, fitness, sophistication, social status, talent etc. All our models are beautiful, encompassing the high entry-level requirements for Mystique.


Four Star escorts generally surpass the minimum requirements, and provide the quality on all levels that one would expect from a high-class dinner escort caliber. They’re all beautiful, well above average, and accomplished – high end by anyone’s standards.


Five Star escorts are for the more selective gentleman, who seeks just that little bit extra sophistication, refinement, beauty and breeding – “the best escorts”, so to speak.


The Six Star VIP escorts and celebrity companions are more suited to equally VIP gentlemen, who demand better than the best. These models are for those individuals who need someone similar to their own sophistication level, both mentally and physically. A premium luxury. A Non Disclosure agreement is generally required for introduction; some six star models are available to top tier Members only. NDA’s may be mutual where required.


These elite women can be recognizable models, TV presenters and actresses, or high-end academics & professionals at the top of their field, who can accompany you undetected and discreetly to high profile VIP events and red carpet occasions.
As a VIP / UHNWI, being seen or photographed with one of these individuals will not raise suspicion in the slightest. Many of the ‘dating’ celebrities you might see at events or attending fashion shows etc, have been introduced in this manner.


International Cities

You can see some of the cities we regularly visit in USA, Europe, Oceania (Asia/ Australia), and some popular Vacation Destinations,. These are but a few: London, Sydney, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Seattle, Barcelona, Houston, Dallas, Monte Carlo, Melbourne, Adelaide, Frankfurt, Perth, Austin, Miami, Berlin, Geneva, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh and many more.