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Finding Romance In A New City


Finding Romance In A New City

Moving to visiting a new city can be very difficult. You need to find your way around the city, and also to meet people with whom to hang out. Meeting high end women for dates and romance in a big city can be even more difficult.

Decent women can be worried about communicating with someone they don’t know, and the kind of women who would go to meet someone they don’t know, may not be the safest kind of person with whom to connect.

There are all sorts of horror stories of people who have had very nasty surprises, and even danger, by putting themselves in situations with strangers, leaving themselves vulnerable.

So where can one find a little elite romance with a companion in a big city? If you’re looking to go dancing, enjoy a little candlelight dinner, and indulge in some fascinating conversation, here are some ideas!


Online dating sites for meeting women

One can visit any of the hundreds of dating sites around the world, make up a profile, and wait for contacts. The problem with these sites is that there is nobody to vet the applicants or those who contact you.

You also spend your own time to go through all the profiles to find potentially suitable contacts – many of whom are fake profiles anyway. We’ve all seen the stories: Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site


Dating and introduction agency

An actual dating agency – an introduction agency – can be a good option for some people. They charge a fee to introduce you to the suitable women on their books, for dates, with a view to a relationship.

However, the selections in these agencies may not be to the standard of most men; she could meet anyone at her local sports club or through friends. In addition, you have the expense of paying for a maybe.

You might meet someone suitable, or you may waste time and money meeting people with whom you have zero chemistry.


Clubs and Bars

Going to clubs and bars can be fun in your 20s, but as a mature and successful gentleman, it can be embarrassing and even tacky. It’s hardly luxurious or elite, and there’s little chance of a GFE.

You’re more likely to experience a bit of a dance and disappearing act, or perhaps a forgettable one-night thing, leading nowhere.

The kinds of women frequenting such establishments may hardly be the type one would want to keep contact with, let alone share intimacies with.

What if you start chatting with the wrong girl? Her boyfriend may be less than impressed. And the late nights, wandering around a strange city with a group of ‘party people’ – not the safest environment in which to place oneself.

You may get lucky and meet someone wonderful. Or you may be unlucky and meet someone absolutely awful for your future.


Supermarkets/ bookstores

If you’re in town for any length of time you could find yourself running into familiar faces, and a nod turns into a smile, and a smile into a ‘hi’.

At the end of the day though, this is still a stranger, and you will need to take time to get to know them. She will also be wary of meeting new people in the store, and will want time to get to know you also.

That’s assuming you happen across someone who takes your interest in these places! For a faster connection, another option may be best.


Clubs of Mutual Interest

As above, you may join a sports team or a group of some kind, a wine club or chess club etc. Any group activity where people of similar interests many frequent.

Here you may find someone interesting with whom to spend some time. Yet again, you need that time to find someone suitable, get to know them, build a rapport and a relationship.

Even for a one night stand, you then have the awkwardness of seeing them again every time you go there. It may be viable for a long term option if you meet someone you like, but won’t help you in the here and now. : )


Friends Can Introduce You to Someone

Meeting someone recommended by a friend or colleague can be interesting. Your friends may see common interests and really think you would get along well.

However, if things don’t work out, you may feel awkward around your friends or colleagues, not knowing if the date has discussed any personal things with them.

Not to mention the obligation you might feel to ‘make it work’. You may try harder or stay longer in the relationship than you would like, simply to keep up appearances.


Elite Escort Agencies

You always have the option of calling an escort girl, however, you may find it difficult to find someone who reaches your standards.

The kinds of girls who are available on call as escorts are probably much the same as nightclub types. Perhaps not the most ideal option for dating or a beautiful connection.

For a brief (and most likely robotic) visit for questionable activities, an escort may be an option for some. For the gentleman who is more careful with his health and the energy with which he surrounds himself, there may be better options.


High-end Companion

Inviting an elite companion to join you for dinner or cocktails can feel similar to calling an escort, however there are some big differences. The companion agencies offer elite GFE travel companions and courtesans for the selective gentleman.

However, the connection is never robotic. This is one of the ways to tell whether the companion company is just an escort service marketing itself as a top courtesan company, or whether they are genuinely elite.

Their GFE (girlfriend experience) is just that. A genuine feeling date. They’ll also communicate with you in perfect and professional language, and won’t have ladies available at the last minute – but they’ll certainly be available faster than the supermarket stranger!

You’ll also find they have a much higher minimum booking time than a by the hour escort girl, who meets hundreds of men a month. The elite courtesan or travel companion is only available for a few people because she holds down a full time career.

She’s a real woman, and successful. The only problem with this option is that women of this caliber charge a higher fee. But if you regularly seek out the best, this might be the best option for the selective man who wants a safe and guaranteed selection of high quality.

At the end of the day, the manner in which you meet someone for a little fun and romance is really up to you. However when and what you require may vary from others, influencing your decision. Think about the possible outcomes, and make an informed choice for yourself. Best of luck!