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What Flowers to Bring Your Elite Escort (and What They Mean)

Give a gift of beautiful flowers to your elite companion Orchids and Gerberers are a popular flower to give to an elite escort

If you arrange an exciting date with a beautiful elite escort model, chances are that you’ll want to give her something that will make her feel special and appreciated. It’s nice to stand out from the average man! It might be old-fashioned and quaint, but sometimes, that’s exactly what will turn a great evening into a phenomenal one. Women respond to those little efforts, and it will endear you to her Never underestimate the effect of a small gift on a woman, especially if you selected them just for her. How she accepts and treats your gift will also let you instantly see if she is an appreciative woman of grace and class, or simply an inauthentic, a money-focused girl.
If it’s your first meeting, you should give your elite escort flowers. You don’t need to know her size or favorite color/ brand/ style. It’s as easy as pie, and always impressive. Flowers have always been a very symbolic gift, and while they do symbolize romance, kindness and affection, it’s not just your typical red rose that you can give your elite companion. Here are some other flowers that you might want to give your elite companion, and what they mean:
Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera daisies are beautifully fresh, colorful and eye-catching, and they symbolize beauty and happiness. What a lovely choice for a bouquet of prettiness! Giving it to your elite companion means that you appreciate her beauty, and that you are very happy to be spending time with her. It acknowledges her as a woman, and symbolizes your desire for her to be as happy as you are. How gentlemanly!
Tulips are a classic flower to give to someone special, and they are second only to the rose when it comes to popularity. They are elegant, beautiful and unique in their shape. The tulip means “Perfect Love”, and while it might not necessarily mean that you are officially “in love” with your elite companion, giving her a tulip means that you love having her company. It extends the intention that you appreciate her companionship, and that spending time with her makes for a perfect night out. Also a wonderful choice for making any lady feel special.
Casa Blanca Lilies
A bouquet made from Casa Blanca Lilies is beautiful and stunning: these flowers are large, pure white, and they have the most amazing scent. While it’s true some people are allergic to these flowers, most people will be happy to suffer a brief affect, in order to enjoy the incredible beauty of the bouquet. CasaBlanca Lilies symbolize elegance, style, and class, which is definitely something that you would appreciate in your elite companion. Letting her know she reflects these things for you, is a lovely compliment, and will make her feel very special. A model who feels special will always be far more enjoyable company than one who feels taken for granted – not that you’d ever do that! ; )
Orchids are a famous delicate choice, and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. While they may be a bit hard to find, they are a great type of flower to give to your elite companion. The difficulty in finding them makes them even more precious and special a gift! To know you’ve made such an effort to source such a gorgeous flower for her, will be a very impressive gift. All her friends will be jealous and she’ll secretly know they were from you. With such a unique choice, it’s very possible that every time she sees or hears about orchids, she will think of you! What a beautiful way to extend your lovely memory together. The orchid symbolizes beauty and luxury, and some even say that they symbolize seduction! All these are perfect elements to add to your elite companion date. One never knows where a simple date may lead…