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Top 30 Best Fun Date Ideas You Should Try

fun date ideas

Whether it’s your first date, or the regular date night that you have with your partner, you would definitely want to make sure that you both have a great time with fun date ideas.

After all, dates have a lot of potential, and in many cases, they can make or break the rest of your time with the person that you’re on a date with, so you better make sure that you bring your A-game!

Now, movies and good food are all well and good, but they can get pretty boring and repetitive quickly.

If you’ve been on more than a few dates with a person, falling into a repetitive rut can be easy, and dates can even become bothersome. So, here are some unique date ideas you might want to try:


1. Go to the Zoo

Zoos are a great place to bring your date, especially if they love animals, but even people who aren’t really animal lovers often find that an occasional trip to the zoo is exciting and fun.

There’s just something about seeing exotic animals that can bring people closer, especially since you would be able to see a spark of excitement in their eyes.


2. Shop at a Flea Market

Flea markets are a pretty common event anywhere, but in the major cities, they often turn into fun treasure hunts! You can find a lot of unique and exciting hidden gems, as long as you have the patience to sift through all the sundry items.

Larger flea markets often have food and drink booths as well, so you and your date can grab some refreshments through the day.


3. Visit the Arcade and Play Some Games

Bring out the competitive kids in you and your date and visit the nearest arcade! Whether it’s a basketball game or a claw machine, you can make a little contest out of it. Loser has to buy dinner?


4. Stroll through Botanical Gardens

Botanical gardens are a great and inexpensive choice for days with bright skies and a cool, inviting weather. The best times to go are early in the morning, or late in the afternoon.


5. Watch the Skies at a Planetarium

For a memorable and dazzling first date, the dark and cool atmosphere of a planetarium makes for a great choice. You can see the majestic view of our galaxy and beyond, and even hold hands for a little romance in the dark.


6. Tour an Art Gallery

The best thing about art galleries is that there are so many different types to choose from, whether you’re in the mood for some classic art, modern art, or even installation art: there is just something for everyone! For bonus points, it’s a great way to break the ice, and find out more about your date’s interests.


7. Belt out some Tunes at a Karaoke Bar

Now this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you and your date want something a little bit different and adventurous, go out for a night at your nearest karaoke bar and choose a song for each other.


8. Head to a Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular because they are fun, energizing, and adults feel like kids again! Imagine bouncing into a huge foam pit, or finally making that basketball dunk (with a little help from the trampoline, of course).


9. Visit a State Fair

If you’re in a place where there is a regular state fair, make sure to grab your date and spend the day there. Sometimes, all you need in life are some cheap junk food, corny music, dizzying rides, and fairway games.


10. Go Bowling

Bowling lanes are a great place for a first date: they’re fun, casual, and you don’t really need a lot to impress your date.

Sure, a strike or two would be amazing, but even just enjoying each other’s company at the lanes would make for a fun date.


11. Dive into an Aquarium

If your date loves going to the zoo, they will also love a trip to the local aquarium, where they can come face to face with marine animals that they would never see on a regular day.

Imagine being up close and personal with animals like jellyfish, sharks, sting rays, and loads of tropical fish!


12. Take a Hike Together

If city life is becoming too hectic and stressful, there’s nothing like retreating to nature for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Most cities have parks with nature trails where you can feel like you and your date are the only ones in nature.


13. Fire Up a Cooking Class

Bring out the inner chef in you, and impress your date with your cooking skills! There are many cooking classes offered, and you can even learn how to make dinners at home a little bit more elegant and delicious.


14. Go on a Picnic

If the weather is nice, why not pack up a huge picnic basket and have an impromptu picnic with your date? You can spend the day in each other’s company, just watching people walk by.


15. Mini-Golf? Yes Please!

Mini-golf is a great compromise for couples because it combines the love for golf with something your partner can also enjoy.


16. Enjoy an Evening at a Jazz Bar

Sometimes, the best way to enjoy a night out together is by just listening to music, so head to your nearest jazz bar and order a couple of drinks. Now, you’re ready to be serenaded for the rest of the night.


17. Race some Go-Karts

A little adrenaline never hurt a couple, and if you need some spice back in your relationship, why not go and race each other at your local kart track?


18. Get some Ducks Fat

Most parks have a duck pond, and there are going to be some hungry ducks there! Make sure that your park allows duck feeding, and if it does, get some bread, and sit down your date to watch the cute ducks feed.


19. Attend a Wine Tasting

This date is perfect for couples who can’t live without a bottle of red or white during dinner time. Most wine tastings also include a tour of the vineyards, and pro tips from wine masters.


20. Roadtrip with no real destination

Sometimes, all you need to release some stress is a long drive with your partner. Don’t have a destination in mind; just hop in the car and let the drive take you where it will! You might be surprised where you end up going!


21. Go Wall/Rocking Climbing

This is perfect for couples who have a competitive streak with a dash of adrenaline junkie. Try to see who can climb the highest and the fastest!


22. Take a Dancing Class Together

Become more in sync with your partner, and take a dance class together. If you want to ramp up the romance, go for the Latin dances, where there is a dash of sultry mixed in. You do know what they say about good dancers and how they perform in the bedroom!


23. Take a Cruise

If you live in or near a bay area, why not book a quick harbor cruise for you and your date? There’s always something soothing about being able to get away from the city, and enjoy drink together on the open water.


24. Attend an Art Class

Get your creative juices flowing, and take an art class together! Whether you’re learning how to paint, sculpt, or even mold pottery, couples who take art classes together often find that they become closer at the end of the class.


25. Try some Indoor Sports

Couples who sweat together stay together! There are a lot of indoor sports for you to try, whether it’s badminton, table tennis, or even a spinning class.


26. Meditate Together

It’s not always about the adrenaline rush; a dash of Zen and calm works wonders for many relationships. Find a meditation class, and take it together with your partner. Find your centers, together.


27. Go Bar Hopping

This might seem like something you might rather do with your mates, but being out in bars with your date can loosen you up with each other and forge even stronger bonds!

If you’re really comfortable with each other, why not check out other people and ask each other if they find those people attractive?


28. Catch an Indie Film Screening

This is often different from movie night, because many indie film screenings show foreign or little-known films. This is a great way to start a conversation during a date.


29. Get a tattoo together

Now this is more for couples who have been together for a long time, and want to share something permanent and tangible with their partner. A tattoo that means something to the both of you will help cement your relationship.


30. Get lost, together

For the truly adventurous and daring, board a bus going to place you have never heard of, with only a small rucksack containing essentials like clothes, money, and your phone. Explore the world and find out more about each other at the same time!