How to Treat Your Model Elite Escort


How to treat your date

Traveling to some location either for a vacation or a business event can be lonesome which is why it is perfectly enjoyable to have an elite escort model as a travel companion. In fact, booking the company of a model girlfriend service can be more beneficial than having to spend the entire time on your own. Imagine having a gorgeous lady who’s smart and witty to share your dinner. That alone is more than enough reason to book her services.

However, not all those who book the services of elite female escorts get to enjoy to the fullest. Most of the time, situations such as this can’t really be blamed on the woman. The majority of the time, it is the client who is at fault. As they say, “it takes two”. Whether casual or professional, women are sensitive to their surroundings, and responsible to the energies they absorb. If you want to really have the best time with a companion model (or any woman!), the most important thing you need is to learn is to respect her.


Here are some simple things you need to remember when dealing with a high class escort companion:


Be a Professional

While she may be fresh and exclusive, an occasional escort for selected gentlemen, you are still dealing with a companion who will conduct herself professionally. The least you can do is be professional yourself. This means that you honor the things stipulated in your agreement, including time and fee.

When giving her the donation, place the same in an envelope before leaving it on a table near her glass, or perhaps in the bathroom on the basin, with her name written. Discretion is important to everyone. Never try to negotiate the agreed price, or change your agreed payment method. It’s a transaction for a professional service, like any other professional service. You wouldn’t try to negotiate with the dentist or your lawyer to lower his professional fee, would you?

Please be at the agreed rendezvous location on time or better yet, a few minutes earlier. Having a lady wait for you is never an ideal situation. There may be occasions when something comes up and you may be running a few minutes late. This is fine provided you call ahead of time to inform that you’re running late. Remember that you do not own her, and she may have some place to be after your date. Be considerate.


Be Polite

The key to a successful and fulfilling date with an elite GFE escort is to be a complete gentleman, as with any date. This is common sense, and must be something you maintain from the moment you contact the agency to book a models time, to the point where the experience ends. Remember that your gorgeous dinner date or travel companion is no different from any other of your lady friends.

Therefore, you should treat her as you would an invited female guest. Be sure to dress appropriately when going out with your date. Make a point of being showered and clean. Be well groomed for your date, and never ever allow yourself to become intoxicated. Your companion is in your protection during your date, and you are not in a position to protect her if you are drunk. On your date, be sure to have the restaurant booked and arranged ahead of time. Picking her up in a chauffeured hire car is a very polite gesture if you can arrange it. Behave like the gentleman that you are, and give her the attention she deserves.


Be Discreet

Discretion is one of the most important reasons that gentlemen opt to book the services of quality escorts and high end travel companions. While you may be thinking that you deserve the discretion that the agency provides, you must also consider that she too deserves to accommodate a clientele which is discreet about the whole arrangement. The ‘kiss-and-tell’ type is not really considered a desirable or premium gentleman. When spending time together, don’t discuss her position loudly, or refer to her as anything derogatory. Call her your friend or girlfriend or companion. Make any calls to the agency in private, to avoid the possibility of people overhearing you conversation. Respect her privacy as much as your own. She is a real woman, a person, with feelings, hopes and dreams, just like you.

Bookings the company of an elite model escort allows you to experience the ultimate GF experience without the hassles and complications of an actual relationship. To enjoy wonderful conversations and romantic dinner dates, without the obligation of staying in touch or calling regularly to maintain a relationship – unless you want to! These ladies invest a lot into themselves to be wonderful for you, and they put a lot of effort into making you happy. Respect your companion as you would do in any woman. She deserves that.