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How to Make a Good Impression on Your Date


How to make a good impression on your dateMaking a good impression on your date is essential in making sure that your date, and all subsequent dates, go well. They will set the stage between you and your date, and as the saying goes, “first impressions DO last.”


When you meet your date for the first time, the first thing that they will notice is the way you dress. Make sure that you dress appropriately for your date. If you are meeting in a nice and elegant place, you should be dressed accordingly.


A nice pair of slacks, good shoes, and a well-fitted button-down shirt will make you look smart, presentable, and well-polished. On the other hand, if you are meeting somewhere more casual, you should also make sure that you don’t look out of place and over-dressed.


Being able to dress appropriately for the occasion tells your date that you are able to fit well in any social situation. The second thing that you date will notice about you when you come closer is your personal hygiene.


Clean, fresh breath, well-groomed head and facial hear, and even nicely-manicured hands will give your date the impression that you care about yourself, and you will make the effort to present your best self to her.


Finally, your date will notice that manner and your way of speaking with her. Being calm and confident in yourself will automatically shine through in your personality, and the way you speak with your date. She will also see whether or not you are happy to see her, and if you are excited for the date ahead.


While there’s no guarantee that any date, especially a first-time date, will end well, there are steps that you can take to make sure that you at least have a great first impression on your date.