Charlotte Pryce

Age: 27
Height: 5'8 - 175cm
Weight : 53kg
Bust : 32D natural
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 35
Location: Dubai
Hair Color : Brunette
Build : Slim Hourglass

Charlotte Pryce is a playful and cheeky company director. With a degree in Business Administration, she is a happy-go-lucky type, with a friendly and helpful nature. Charlotte is the kind of girl next door you can really relax and be yourself with. While she prefers smart-casual attire in her personal life, at work she is always professionally and elegantly presented, with her luscious hair piled neatly into a bun or French twist.
But when the hair comes down… A much more spirited, exciting young woman comes alive. Charlotte loves Asian foods, spicy foods – anything exciting and different. Her favourite clothing include very elegant designs, and she loves high heels. Exciting indeed! She keeps fit with walks and jogs on the beach, and thoroughly enjoys her life. Neat and darkly pretty, she is a lovely discreet companion who looks incredible in a bikini. Call us now to arrange some time with this delightful Dubai escort.
This is a 6 star gallery model .