Eva Martin

Age: 26

Height: 5'8 - 172cm

Weight : 53kg

Bust : 32D gel enhanced

Waist : 24

Hip Measurement: 34

Location: Sydney Australia

Hair Color : Blonde

Build : Slim hourglass

4 Star Model Escort

Beautiful Eva is a gorgeous model and student of life, who loves to travel. When she visited Dubai she fell in love with the heat, the exotic lifestyle and the luxury – but home to Sydney she returned. With Australian heritage, sexy Eva is a friendly, pretty girl who enjoys freelance photography. Her beachy looks and incredible bikini body can easily be smoothed into a very sleek, elegant evening look.

She possesses the traditional easy-going, relaxed Australian persona, and is a delightful companion. She travels whenever she can, and is a very loyal friend. Her idea of a perfect day off is to go to the gym, shoot some photos, relax on the beach for a few hours’ sun-baking, and then out to dinner with friends. Eva’s elegance and jetsetting make her a great travel companion.

She can even document your experiences with her photography skills! Her favorite places include London, Dubai, Marrakech, and she really likes Paris. Plus anywhere tropical – you MUST see this girl in a bikini, she looks airbrushed! Fittingly, her favorite designers are Lagerfeld and Louboutin. Call us now to book some time with this glamorous, mysterious queen. Superb.