Greta Brandt

Age: 24
Height: 5'8 - 172cm
Weight : 54kg
Bust : 32C natural
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Barcelona
Hair Color : Blonde
Build : Slim Athletic

Greta is a delightful businesswoman of Spanish heritage. Her vivacious nature and adventurous spirit have made her a favorite as a travel companion. Fun, lighthearted and always positive, she lives between Berlin and Barcelona. She is exciting, dynamic and effervescent, although never too loud, obnoxious or embarrassing. She is always attentive and never overbearing. Just bursting with positivity and energy. She keeps fit with lots of running and Yoga, and she really loves to read Рa connoisseur of knowledge! She has a great smile, and is a very poised and sexy young woman in her own world. If you seek an escort in Barcelona or a Berlin companion, Greta will be delighted to accompany you. She enjoys all manner of live entertainment, history and art, and quiet nights chatting about deep topics. Enjoy!  Contact us now to arrange some time with this magnetic blonde beauty.
This is a 5 star gallery model