Juliette Andrews

Age: 23
Height: 5'5 - 165cm
Weight : 50kg
Bust : 32B natural
Waist : 25
Hip Measurement: 32
Location: Berlin/ Brussels
Hair Color : Brunette
Build : Slim, Petite

Juliette is a romantic, feminine and sensual young woman with a beautiful slender physique and an interesting mind. She has European background, and currently is based between Germany & Belgium. Curious about people and new cultures, she loves learning new things, and meeting new people. She is currently pursuing studies at university and wants to help people around the world when she graduates; she’s very sweet. Sometimes introspective and thoughtful, sometimes vivacious and flirtatious, she encompasses all facets of a woman’s nature, depending on the energy she is absorbing around her. Always beautifully presented, she is discreet, polite and a wonderful companion for all occasions.  She enjoys dining out, and her favorite designers are Stella McCartney and Bourgeois Boheme, for their animal-friendly design. Contact us today to book some TLC time in the company of this wonderful, kind human being.
This is a 4 star gallery model