Katie Park

Age: 24
Height: 5'5 - 165cm
Weight : 49kg
Bust : 34C enhanced
Waist : 25
Hip Measurement: 32
Location: Canada
Hair Color : Brunette
Build : Slim


Asian-Canadian Katie is an aspiring young business woman. She is down to earth in nature and enjoys the company of respectful gentlemen. She’s petite in stature, with long beautiful hair and a natural smooth complexion. She came to Canada at a very young age, and has grown up locally. Educated in Canada, she now holds a marketing degree. During her studies Katie traveled to exotic parts of Asia and also spent some time in New York and California. Katie loves sports; she competed in basketball, indoor soccer and hockey while she was still at school. To keep herself fit these days, she goes to the gym four days a week and eats carefully and cleanly.  An experience with this sweetheart will be most memorable indeed. From the initial warm meeting to the lovely kiss goodbye, your date will be an unforgettable, a memory to cherish. We highly recommend booking Katie for a date if you are traveling to Canada and seeking a high quality experience with a responsive darling.  Contact us today to book some TLC time in the company of this wonderful, kind Asian beauty. You won’t be disappointed.
This is a 5 star gallery model