Marlena Beaumont

Age: 27
Height: 5'8 - 173cm
Weight : 53kg
Bust : 32C natural
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Paris
Hair Color : Brunette
Build : Slim

Marlena is a beautiful European swimsuit model with slender curves and a lovely personality. As a commercial model living in Paris, she can travel occasionally with notice. She is just as comfortable at home with her friends as she is on a luxury super yacht. She loves to swim, and this seems to keep her lithe physique in shape, as well as her occasional gym, walking and yoga. Feminine and polite, Marlena is seductive without even knowing it, and a very graceful, poised young lady. Well presented and always smiling, positive Marlena is suitable for any occasion. She enjoys Japanese and Thai food, and is always elegantly presented. Call us now to check this beauty’s schedule and book some time with her before she’s gone.
This is a 5 star gallery model