Mimi Rose

Age: 26
Height: 5'8 - 170cm
Weight : 52kg
Bust : 34C natural
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Atlanta
Hair Color : Brunette
Build : Slim Curves

About Mimi

Pretty Mimi has a gorgeous, infectious smile. Friendly and funny, she makes a fantastic date with her intelligent humor & beautiful face. She’s attentive and caring, and is very suited to social occasions. Very sexy, feminine & smart, Mimi is irresistible.

Background and Education

Beautiful Mimi is American, with deep brown eyes and golden complexion. She has an exotic bloodline that we’ll let her explain, but born and raised in the South, she is an absolute lady. This Southern belle has attended finishing classes and while refusing to go into beauty pageants, she could have easily won every title.
Mimi preferred to pursue her knowledge. In addition to her exclusive schooling, she has traveled rather a lot,
making her an open-minded and non-judgmental type.
Time with Mimi is definitely unforgettable. The feedback fron the few gentlemen she’s met is most glowing. Email us to invite Mimi on an unforgettable dinner date or travel date.


This is a 5 star gallery model