Naomi Gottlieb

Age: 25
Height: 5'10 - 179cm
Weight : 55kg
Bust : 32D natural
Waist : 25
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Frankfurt & Paris
Hair Color : Blonde
Build : Slim, Leggy

Naomi Gottlieb’s pretty blonde looks make her an easy choice for those seeking the ultimate in femininity. Well spoken, multi-lingual and polite, she is every man’s dream date as a successful commercial and feature model. Her long legs are irresistible, and she always looks beautifully presented. Despite her adorable image, Naomi does possess an ambition to be more, and is currently studying with a view to reach her ultimate career goals. Confident and poised under her graceful elegance, she is a very caring and friendly person who loves to make people happy.
She feels it is her duty to look as good as she can, as part of that attempt to be pleasing, and make people smile. Such a positive, warm-hearted angel. Her favorite food is modern international cuisine in general, and her favorite designers are Chanel and Michael Kors. Contact us now to arrange some TLC time with this pampering sweet girl who loves to give and receive smiles.
This is a 6 star gallery model .