Stephanie Santiago

Age: 24

Height: 5'6 - 168cm

Weight : 52kg

Bust : 32D enhanced

Waist : 25

Hip Measurement: 34

Location: Houston and Los Angeles

Hair Color : Brunette

Build : Slim

6 Star Model Escort

Stephanie is a cute, cheeky little beauty with brains and chemistry – you can’t help falling in love! Cheerful and friendly, she can be flirtatious and playful when she is in the mood to tease.

However at her heart, she is a very caring, sweet girl with a kind nature. Stephanie has a masters degree and as an educated escort she appreciates the arts and literature, current affairs and history.

Living between Houston and Los Angeles, this LA escort likes having fun and is enjoying learning about life as she lives it to the fullest. She loves going out and socializing, but quiet cozy evenings in appeal to her too. As long as the company is good, she is pretty happy anywhere.

Of course, it always helps if it’s a million dollar yacht, VIP club or luxury hotel suite. ; )  While she enjoys luxury, she is not a ‘gold digger’, and likes to make her own way. She’s studying for her PhD now, to further enhance her future prospects also.

A smart little cookie, though you’ll rarely find her “intellectual”.  She looks stunning in almost anything, with her natural beauty. She likes spicy food and prefers to stay away from fast food or fried foods. Stephanie goes to the gym religiously.

Her favourite designers are any that appeal to her. She has no particular preference, is entirely unpretentious, and likes to wear what she is comfortable in, regardless of the label. Contact us now to book some special time with this adorable, fun-loving cutie.