Victoria Privitt

Age: 28
Height: 5'9 - 173cm
Weight : 54kg
Bust : 34B natural
Waist : 24
Hip Measurement: 34
Location: Los Angeles
Hair Color : Honey-Brunette
Build : Slim Leggy

Victoria is a very fresh and beautiful commercial model. For the gentleman who seeks beauty as well as intellect, then this little bunny is for you. Currently working on her PhD, she is the whole package. She’s gentle, elegant, confident, beautiful and loving. Not to mention alluring and charming. Her company is extra-special and super interesting, because she has an opinion on just about everything – not in a know-it-all way, but in an interesting trivia kind of way. She has a little knowledge on almost everything, as her retentive memory brings up anecdotes for her to share on any topic.
And she really loves people and loves to make them happy. She has studied nutrition and massage, psychology and medicine, so she gives a fantastic massage while listening to your problems, helping you find solutions, and letting you know what is missing from your diet to give you the energy levels you need! Always immaculately presented, Victoria is a seriously special young lady. Substance and style in one. She loves food, and her favorite designer is Valentino. Always cheerful and friendly, Vic is just wonderful. Contact us now to arrange an exciting rendezvous with this authentic and beautiful woman.
This is a 4 star gallery model