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Please read this page carefully before attempting to book a travel companion with us.
It may be a little exhaustive, but includes everything you need to know.

Elite Travel Companion Inside a Luxury JetMystique Companions International offers elite, discreet and well bred travel companions to accompany you on your business trip, vacation or tour to any major city worldwide. (Five star only) Most of the travel companions are experienced, confident travelers, and they are all able to accommodate the trip with a calm, cheerful attitude. Some cities we can accommodate, among others, will be listed in these locations; USA | EUROPE |  OCEANIA/ ASIA | VACATION DESTINATIONS

Our ultimate aim is to ensure both you and the model have a wonderful, beautiful experience together. To help select the most appropriate model to join you, we’ll consult with you about your preferences, and ensure your perfect woman is available. If we cannot assist you, we will simply let you know, as opposed to sending you anyone who is available. Mediocre experiences are not what we are interested in providing. Whether you seek one or multiple models, we can assist you.

We have a world renowned name for providing the finest quality, in every aspect, every time. Our beautiful escort ladies do not rush your time, nor behave with the nonchalant attitude that some other high-priced escorts might. These are first class companions in every way, carefully selected for you. And we don’t just say ‘carefully selected’ lightly; Our applicants are taken through a rigorous selection and interview process to ensure they possess the minimum quality requirements we expect, based on our clients’ expectations.

We encourage you to make your booking, as you will be delighted with the standard, not just in appearance, but in presence and personality also. Authentic, refined, perfectly lovely women to provide really enjoyable company – as it should be! Please contact us especially if you have been subjected to lower quality experiences previously. 🙁 We’d like you to experience what you should. We have a 100% guarantee of quality – if the model who arrives is not as stunning and charming as we have promised, you are entitled to politely decline the appointment, and exchange for a different model, at no cost (minus any of the model’s transport costs).

This rarely happens, as our consultation is quite thorough, and our standards are extremely high. We cater regularly to celebrities, political VIPs and even royalty, all of whom return for the elite quality provided exclusively by Mystique International. (If you have met with the model previously, and request her international company, obviously this guarantee does not apply; you will have made an informed choice! Similarly, if you have asked one of our telephonists to select another model for you, guarantees do not apply, as you have taken the selection out of your own hands and relinquished your decision; please see our disclaimer. Rest assured, we are very selective. 100% of the time, if you are a gentleman, she will be a princess.


Minimum Travel Time

Our minimum travel time is overnight, with at least 3-4 days’ notice, to allow time for consulting and fund transfer. No flights will be purchased until AFTER funds have cleared. It is advised to contact us a minimum of 2 weeks before your preferred travel dates, to ensure there is appropriate time for your selection process, that the model you prefer is available, and to allow time for travel arrangements to be made. 24 hour bookings or weekends away are usually more enjoyable, allowing the models to rest between traveling, and removing the time pressure on you both. We do not cater for last-minute or rushed appointments. A successful gentleman is always organized, so if you can’t book an appointment well in advance, we’re afraid our agency is not for you. We do not like to put unnecessary stress or pressure on the ladies.

High Class Travel Companion Outside the Jet


Travel Companion Procedures

Our models are available to travel to any five star hotel or resort in the world, and full funds are required in advance before any arrangements will be made. The models’ fee for her time, and her return airfare can be transferred to our discreet company account. We will confirm with you upon receipt, and purchase the models’ airline ticket to join you, confirming arrival times etc. A hotel vehicle or a professional hire cars with chauffeur is required to be arranged for the models’ collection from the airport, they do not travel in private cars.



As stated earlier, we are very careful in our consultation with you, to ensure the model you select will be the most perfectly suited to your needs. However should you find there is a personality clash or some other issue you are uncomfortable with, please inform us as soon as possible. If you wait til the end of the appointment, then the model’s time has been taken, and there is not much we can do. Initially, as a mature adult, try to calmly and politely discuss your concerns with the model. They are all intelligent, caring individuals who want you to have a wonderful time. Two grown adults can usually have a discussion about their needs, and come to some mutually agreeable conclusion. 🙂 However, if there are irreconcilable differences, please call us.


Requirements for Hiring a Travel Companion

To ensure your experience runs smoothly, you can start by making sure we have all information from you clearly when you contact us – exact dates you want the model to arrive and depart, your full name, contact number and email, which model/ models you would like to meet, or the type of experience you’d like to have. (Obviously the right match involves more than pointing at a photo on a website..)

We will also need your hotel room number once you check in, along with the surname you are registered under. Occasionally gentlemen will prefer the model to book the hotel room in her own name; in this case the additional accommodation fees must be included in the total fund transfer. If this is your preference, we will need a photocopy of your passport and drivers license to verify your identity for security purposes. All details are protected and 100% confidential. After the model’s safe return, all details of the booking are carefully destroyed by shredder, then incinerated. We do not keep records, and we are very diligent in how we use and dispose of them.

We are very professional and discreet, and hope to have you return to us for more companionship, so we will organize things to operate as smoothly and comfortably as possible for you. Established in 1999, we’re not exactly inexperienced. 🙂


Your Responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a gentleman should be common sense, this is exactly like a date with any girlfriend or loving wife. Treat your model as you would treat your love. To clear up any discrepancies; your main obligations are to be a respectful gentleman, and to keep the model in the lifestyle she is accustomed to, so she can cater for your needs appropriately. She will rarely ask for something she does not need. She must have five star accommodation, access to room service or western standard cafes & restaurants, phone access to our office at all times, and any material provisions required, such as correct clothing for change of weather should you move locations, hotel cars or her own hire car for conveyance, and her regular hairdresser/ beauty appointments etc. The model escort must also have her own room key, and have the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Some clients may find it is more comfortable for the model to have her own hotel room, that is an option for you to discuss together.

One would think this is common sense, but surprisingly there are clients who believe just paying for the model’s time is enough… It’s not. If you invite her as your guest, and she is kind enough to accommodate you, the hospitable thing to do is to keep her in the lifestyle to which she is accustomed. If you feel you cannot afford this, you should book a lower-priced model, so you can properly afford to look after her, without cutting unnecessary corners. That is your responsibility. Please do not try to squeeze into a higher budget, it is quite tasteless, and neither of you will have a very good time. Treat your luxury travel buddy how you would appreciate being treated as a guest. We trust you know enough about social etiquette to make the experience a pleasant one for both of you!



Gorgeous Blonde Travel CompanionIf you need to ask “what do I get”, you have entirely misunderstood the point of the high end escort experience. If “what you get” is what is important to you, as opposed to a mutually enjoyable connection and special date with a beautiful woman, then please look elsewhere. A fully inclusive high class entertainment experience is just that. These well bred young ladies are not red light specials, please don’t treat the agency as such.

Treat your model as you would a girlfriend. Do you ask your date or girlfriend “so what will I ‘get’ tonight?” ? No! You behave as a gentleman, treat her well, and encourage her to feel comfortable with you, so she may feel inclined to connect closer with you. So don’t treat your elegant Mystique girlfriend any differently. She is your professional girlfriend, an actual real human, and she has the same feelings and self-respect as any beautiful, accomplished woman does. We don’t work with regular ‘available’ girls. Our clients come here for true elegance and authenticity.

If you wish to meet the model or get to know her a little first before your travel date, we suggest a local meeting in her own location for the minimum time, so you can spend some time chatting and seeing if you feel the rapport you are seeking. Quite frankly, the only 100% guarantee of a perfect match is to meet the model this way first. However in all the many years we have been providing travel partners, there have been exceptionally few experiences that were not flawless and highly memorable for both parties. We are professional matchmakers, and we are pretty good at what we do. 😉

As an upper-society gentleman, you will understand the quality we are providing. We also have a highly trusted name and reputation for discretion worldwide. We’re here to assist you and introduce you as proper members of society. A gentleman will always behave nobly, and not expect a model to prepare herself and dress beautifully for him, without financial compensation for her time. If you cannot appropriately compensate her or provide for her, you really have no business trying to meet her.. She is only available to a select few.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences. We look forward to assisting you in creating a very special & memorable experience, wherever you are in the world.